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05/12/23 3:01am
Relive the Class of 2023's junior year, in which the University transitioned back to in-person life and Liz Magill became the University's ninth president. 
04/12/23 9:38pm
The DP's analysis examined the menus of 24 BYOs across University City and Center City.
04/03/23 8:36pm
Ben-Amos began teaching at Penn in 1967, serving as a professor and eventually chairman of the Department of Folklore and Folklife.
02/02/23 9:28pm
The FBI's search of the Penn Biden Center in mid-November was conducted without a warrant, but with the consent of Biden’s legal team.
01/29/23 7:43pm
These programs are designed to help leaders in business and academia address future challenges with ESG integration.
01/24/23 9:42pm
The analysis found that Penn has only 24 days off this academic year out of all weekdays, reading days, and exam days in the school year.
01/19/23 10:26pm
The 2023 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings feature eight Penn professors among 200 total scholars. 
01/11/23 9:44pm
Vidal will serve as the Rachleff University Professor at Penn with joint appointments in two schools.
11/16/22 3:32am
In October, Wawa announced that it will shut down two of its stores in Center City — one on 12th and Market streets and the other on 19th and Market streets — citing safety concerns.
10/12/22 12:02am
Since the complex sold for $87 million this summer, student residents have complained about the quality of maintenance services under the new management. 
07/27/22 11:19pm
MacGregor was a pioneer in the field of infectious diseases and made many contributions to the research and treatment of HIV. 
07/20/22 4:08pm
The report gives 16 recommendations to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health following the mishandling of the bombing. 
06/02/22 8:42pm
The report stated that household income increased as the economy recovered from the pandemic, leading to surges in taxes owed.
04/20/22 10:30pm
Beginning at 9 a.m., students and faculty who have signed up for 10-minute slots will take turns reading aloud until the book is finished.
04/06/22 11:10pm
According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Musk now has a 9.2% stake in Twitter worth nearly $2.9 billion.
04/05/22 1:10am
The latest Penn Wharton Budget Model report examined the effects of a proposed gas tax holiday on both consumer expenditure and government tax revenue
03/16/22 11:26pm
The School District lifted the mask mandate one week after Philadelphia health officials announced that Philadelphia is in the "All Clear" phase of the COVID-19 precautions tier.
03/02/22 8:43pm
Jariwala and Chen are among the 118 recipients of the two-year fellowship, which awards $75,000 to winners to fund their research.
02/03/22 11:04pm
As part of the initiative, up to 60 people in need will receive $500 per month for at least a year starting as early as March 2022.
01/31/22 8:19pm
The scholarship — which closes on March 31 — is open to all Penn undergraduate students who receive financial aid or have outstanding student loans.
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