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04/01/24 11:03pm
Footman alleged in 2023 that then-Interim Chief Administrative Officer of Delaware County Marc Woolley discriminated against her and other Black women employees.
03/21/24 10:12pm
If enacted, the bill would require colleges and universities to disclose its policies on speech, association, and religion in order to receive Title IV funding from the federal government. 
03/19/24 8:20pm
Around 20 Penn and Philadelphia community members, as well as former residents of the UC Townhomes, gathered at the property on 40th and Market streets on Tuesday to witness the process. 
03/17/24 10:33pm
Parker, a 2016 Fels School of Government graduate and the city’s first woman mayor, wrote in her proposal that Penn is currently working with the City on public health issues for vulnerable residents. 
03/13/24 12:49am
During the March 12 congressional hearing, Democrats and Republicans alike probed Hur — who ultimately declined to bring charges against Biden — on the findings of his investigation.
03/01/24 12:48pm
"The resolutions are grouped as we are unable to continue," Board of Trustees Chair Ramanan Raghavendran said.
03/01/24 1:03am
Wharton and Engineering junior Noah Rubin spoke at the Feb. 28 roundtable alongside students from eight other universities.
02/29/24 2:19am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with multiple people affiliated with the Penn & Slavery Project about their efforts for wider visibility of the project and its findings — both on campus and outside of it — and how the University has responded. 
02/22/24 11:11pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with multiple Penn students and prospective voters about their thoughts on Biden's stance on the conflict.
02/08/24 8:57pm
The investigation yielded evidence that classified materials were “willfully retained” after his vice presidency ended in 2017.  
02/08/24 1:32am
The budget proposal included the same amount of funding for Penn Vet as the 2022-23 budget.
01/24/24 1:31pm
The committee requested 25 groups of documents and information, including communications by the Board of Trustees and other Penn affiliates, as well as Sidechat and social media posts and text messages. 
01/24/24 12:56am
Trump's victory sets the stage for his third consecutive matchup with former Penn professor and President Joe Biden in November 2024.
01/18/24 1:41am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with multiple faculty members about their thoughts on Rowan's Dec. 12 letter and its implications for freedom of speech and academic freedom on campus. 
12/21/23 11:28pm
The letter follows the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voting to withhold $31 million in funding from Penn Vet on Dec. 13.
12/11/23 11:50pm
Throughout 2023, the Penn and Philadelphia communities protested against the University's investments in fossil fuels and gentrification in West Philadelphia and Chinatown.
12/07/23 11:10am
Penn President Liz Magill's future at the University remains unclear as the controversy over her testimony before Congress continues to intensify.
12/06/23 7:12pm
Magill’s video comes after 24 hours of harsh criticism, including from Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro.
11/30/23 2:07am
Faculty members, students, and alumni affiliated with the MEC talked to the DP about the implications of Küçük’s resignation as director amid heightened campus tensions.
11/28/23 5:25pm
The AAUP statement comes a day after Penn Chavurah and IfNotNow Philly hosted a rally in Penn Commons where dozens of students protested the University’s refusal to allow for the screening of “Israelism.” 
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