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09/14/23 1:05am
The administrators' statement, which said the event was not organized by the University, was the first in recent memory to respond to criticism of a campus event.  
09/11/23 8:09pm
Weisberg has worked in various capacities at PWH since 2020, including serving as a Senior Faculty Fellow, Global Climate Policy Lead, and Director of Post-Graduate Programs. 
09/06/23 10:02am
Listen to the top headlines on Wednesday, September 6th with our newsletter anchor.
09/05/23 10:08pm
Other changes to the Penn application in recent years include the introduction of the gratitude prompt to the supplemental essays in 2022.
07/22/23 12:44pm
The change in location, announced to student leaders through email, was attributed to ongoing campus construction.
07/20/23 3:37am
Penn community members share their reactions to the Supreme Court's rejection of affirmative action, and discuss what a Penn without race-conscious admissions might look like. 
07/13/23 12:22pm
During his term, Ruger managed the COVID-19 pandemic and facilitated efforts to make Penn Carey Law more diverse and the legal field more accessible. He was succeeded by Professor Sophia Lee. 
06/29/23 11:28am
The Thursday ruling overturns decades of legal precedent, potentially changing Penn's admissions policies in future years. 
06/09/23 4:12pm
Trump is the first former president to be indicted on federal charges. 
05/24/23 11:18pm
The event follows Musk's announcement that he will be resigning as CEO of Twitter early this summer.
05/17/23 1:32pm
A likely victory in November's general election will make Parker, a 2016 Fels Institute of Government graduate, Philadelphia's first female mayor. 
05/11/23 7:44pm
The Sundheim Penn First Plus International Opportunity Fund will give eligible students further resources for summer internships, research programs, and academic courses. 
04/11/23 11:56pm
“We appreciated the input from postdocs across campus who voiced concerns regarding their benefits and engaged with us as we developed improvements," Penn wrote in its benefits enrollment guide.
03/29/23 9:57pm
As the Supreme Court considers overturning affirmative action, the DP spoke with administrators, professors, and students about what this could mean. 
03/02/23 9:32pm
For the 2023-2024 academic year, the eligibility threshold for financial aid packages that fully cover all undergraduate costs will be raised to $75,000.
02/21/23 12:07am
Penn faculty retirement funds are primarily managed by TIAA, a company with an estimated $78 billion in fossil fuel investments. 
02/02/23 11:23pm
For the 2022-2023 school year, SCFDDE has been charged with considering the needs of the Penn community who feel “victimized” by faculty, especially in relation to academic freedom. 
01/30/23 10:21pm
Listen to the top headlines on Tuesday, Jan. 31 with our newsletter anchor.
01/30/23 9:04pm
Among other findings, the report said that the main campus’ carbon footprint decreased by 45% from 2009 to 2022. 
01/22/23 10:12pm
Penn Carey Law, which most recently ranked sixth in the U.S. News rankings, previously described them as “unnecessarily secretive and contrary to important parts of our mission.”
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