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05/16/24 11:30pm
Magill resigned on Dec. 9 of last year amid backlash over antisemitism controversies — making her the first Penn president to resign for reasons other than government appointment. 
05/10/24 6:23am
The arrests came nearly two week after pro-Palestinian activists pitched approximately 40 tents on College Green.
05/08/24 1:20am
The letter, which was acquired by The Daily Pennsylvanian, calls on Jameson to “act immediately,” even if it means inviting the Philadelphia Police Department to campus.
05/04/24 12:06pm
As the second week of the encampment began, the University suggested through a spokesperson that it was all but in a stalemate with demonstrators. 
05/02/24 3:16pm
Penn Public Safety recently issued its fourth UPenn Alert — the first alerts since the encampment started eight days ago.
05/01/24 4:56pm
Krasner spoke to student organizers and legal observers on the edge of the encampment before holding a brief press conference.
04/29/24 3:27am
The petition demands that Penn administrators allow the "peaceful protest encampment to continue," and "guarantee no disciplinary actions will be taken against students involved in the encampment." 
04/27/24 11:30pm
Organizers wrote in a statement that until the encampment's demands are met, they "will continue to occupy this space."
04/22/24 6:00am
Also, Penn Against the Occupation was banned from campus.
04/18/24 12:43am
Penn's delay in announcing the status of the search for Magill's replacement differs from the precedent of its three most recent presidential searches.
04/17/24 6:00am
Also, Penn Democrats hosts Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker.
04/08/24 6:00am
Also, multiple fire alarms at Stouffer Hall prompted an evacuation.
04/05/24 1:24am
The protestors allege that Ghost Robotics is selling robots to Israel's military to be utilized in the ongoing conflict in Gaza. 
04/01/24 6:00am
Also, Penn Electric Racing unveiled a new racing vehicle on College Green.
03/18/24 6:00am
Also, a "Hamilton" star will speak at Penn this month.
03/06/24 8:51pm
The Penn Admissions announcement did not include any rationale for the extension.
02/27/24 11:33pm
The professors who teach AFRC 1187 and students currently enrolled spoke with The Daily Pennsylvanian about why the class is important.  
02/20/24 8:05pm
The hearing board's ruling follows an uncommon disciplinary procedure that began in January 2022, continuing the national debate about the boundaries of protected speech by academics.
02/15/24 1:06am
In a letter sent on Feb. 8, the AAUP Penn Executive Committee wrote that the harassment experienced by Penn lecturer Dwayne Booth must be condemned as a “threat to academic freedom.” 
02/12/24 6:00am
Also, a Penn professor won a $1 million defamation lawsuit.
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