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03/02/23 9:32pm
For the 2023-2024 academic year, the eligibility threshold for financial aid packages that fully cover all undergraduate costs will be raised to $75,000.
02/21/23 12:07am
Penn faculty retirement funds are primarily managed by TIAA, a company with an estimated $78 billion in fossil fuel investments. 
02/02/23 11:23pm
For the 2022-2023 school year, SCFDDE has been charged with considering the needs of the Penn community who feel “victimized” by faculty, especially in relation to academic freedom. 
01/30/23 10:21pm
Listen to the top headlines on Tuesday, Jan. 31 with our newsletter anchor.
01/30/23 9:04pm
Among other findings, the report said that the main campus’ carbon footprint decreased by 45% from 2009 to 2022. 
01/22/23 10:12pm
Penn Carey Law, which most recently ranked sixth in the U.S. News rankings, previously described them as “unnecessarily secretive and contrary to important parts of our mission.”
12/08/22 5:09am
The APPC presented its findings on Dec. 5 from an annual analysis of news coverage of the myth.
12/05/22 3:12am
The event asks participants to create a food-based representation of a book that is important to them.
11/17/22 1:21am
The Future of the Profession Initiative, which was founded in the spring of 2020, aims to create positive change in how the legal system affects society.
11/07/22 11:36pm
Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule wrote to the DP that she is working on a plan for when to fill McLaughlin's vacancy. 
10/27/22 3:20am
Wexford Science + Technology plans to convert the space from a surface parking lot to an office, laboratory, parking, and retail space
10/19/22 1:59am
The event took place Oct. 12 and showed selected works from the Center’s 2021-2022 acquisitions.
10/10/22 2:06pm
In a meeting with reporters, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner discussed an increase in Philadelphia carjackings with more than 1,000 incidents being reported through the end of September, WHYY reported.
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