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02/27/24 11:33pm
The professors who teach AFRC 1187 and students currently enrolled spoke with The Daily Pennsylvanian about why the class is important.  
02/20/24 8:05pm
The hearing board's ruling follows an uncommon disciplinary procedure that began in January 2022, continuing the national debate about the boundaries of protected speech by academics.
02/15/24 1:06am
In a letter sent on Feb. 8, the AAUP Penn Executive Committee wrote that the harassment experienced by Penn lecturer Dwayne Booth must be condemned as a “threat to academic freedom.” 
02/12/24 6:00am
Also, a Penn professor won a $1 million defamation lawsuit.
02/08/24 1:37am
In an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian, Booth defended his cartoons from mounting backlash among Jewish community members.
01/31/24 11:55pm
Five schools, including three Ivies, settled on Jan. 24, agreeing to pay $104.5 million between them. 
01/26/24 1:05am
The donation marks the largest gift to Penn since multiple high-profile donors withdrew their funding last fall.
01/10/24 11:04pm
A letter from the House Committee on Ways and Means asserts that Penn leadership has failed to comply with the anti-discrimination laws that make them eligible for tax exemptions.
01/04/24 8:08pm
Raghavendran has served as the School of Arts and Sciences Board of Advisors Chair since 2022, and is also chair of the Penn International Alumni Council.
12/11/23 11:39pm
From the overturn of affirmative action to a quiet restructuring of legacy admissions policies, Penn Admissions was marked by change this year. 
11/17/23 3:27pm
The group will includes seven faculty representatives from multiple Penn schools, two student representatives, and six staff, alumni, and Trustee representatives.
11/14/23 1:04am
Students told the DP that the vigil was organized to offer people a sense of community while mourning the deaths in Gaza.
10/30/23 6:00am
The complaint calls on the attorney general's office to investigate the Board of Trustees' conduct and order them to end all direct and indirect investments in fossil fuels. 
10/18/23 4:02pm
Wednesday's message is Magill's third statement about the ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas. 
10/17/23 12:24am
The event, called “Israel and Hamas at War,” took place at 12 p.m. at Perry World House and brought together three experts on the region. 
10/05/23 10:02pm
FFP members set up a table on Locust Walk to hand out pamphlets with the names of the 21 lobbyists employed by the University and highlight the new finding from the F minus report.
09/14/23 1:05am
The administrators' statement, which said the event was not organized by the University, was the first in recent memory to respond to criticism of a campus event.  
09/11/23 8:09pm
Weisberg has worked in various capacities at PWH since 2020, including serving as a Senior Faculty Fellow, Global Climate Policy Lead, and Director of Post-Graduate Programs. 
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