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To the Editor: The speeches were obviously composed, based on the stereotypical image of the fraternity member who is only interested in drinking, drugs, and sex. It is, therefore, no wonder that the pledges responded as they did -- that is, the way in which they were expected to respond -- with "hooting and howling." I would hope that University administrators -- not to mention the University community, in general -- change their attitudes towards the Greek system in the future. Perhaps viewing and treating fraternity members as mature, responsible young men will encourage them to behave as such. At the very least, administrators will be able to absolve themselves of blame in any cases which may link fraternity members to sexual harassment, once they stop contributing to the problem by reinforcing old stereotypes. There are some people on this campus who do not subscribe to the notion that fun is defined as "getting drunk and getting laid." I am one of them. And the administration may be surprised -- read: shocked out of their minds -- to find there are a lot of us out there. I wish the administration would stop putting their "Sex Education Seminars" and "A.I.D.S. Awareness Weeks" together with the following mind set: "Yes, abstinence is actually the safest -- read: foolproof -- option, but since you horny little critters have no common sense or self control whatsoever here, have a condom!" Frankly, I find this mentality insulting. Give us the respect we deserve by at least mentioning it as an option -- and a positive one, at that?even for guys. Please don't throw that old double standard back in our faces! CORINE TAKIGUCHI Wharton '94

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