West Philadelphia

01/12/17 9:32pm
The former West Philadelphia politician — whose district included Penn's campus — was convicted of a series of racketeering and corruption charges last year.
10/22/14 10:32pm
There is still hope for the development of a 132-unit, mixed-used complex
10/15/14 10:25pm
Ongoing court cases block the demolition of a historic mansion which currently occupies the lot and the zoning compliance of the proposed development
09/24/14 11:16pm

Penn donates used computers to Paul Robeson High School

For a high school with computers that hardly work, even hand-me-downs can be invaluable.
09/23/14 2:33am

PA House passes cigarette bill to fund Philly schools

The PA Senate still has to pass the bill and Governor Tom Corbett would have to sign the bill into law.
09/10/14 9:39am
In 2011, Holly Fetter joined Resource Generation after experiencing a conflicting sense of identity within the national economic system.As the Occupy movement illuminated the disparity between the 1% and the 99%, Fetter, a junior at Stanford University at the time, felt disillusioned by her privilege.
08/22/14 3:57pm

Liquor police cracks down on underage drinking in Phila. as college semesters start

The Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement is cracking down on underage drinking at Philadelphia colleges as the fall semester begins, although it is currently unclear whether the BLCE will patrol near Penn during New Student Orientation.
08/22/14 2:02pm
In order to help children suffering from cancer, SAE is teaming up with the IFC to provide move-in assistance free of charge between Aug. 21 and Aug. 24, requesting that those who use this service donate to the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation