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05/18/15 2:00pm
From AXO's move off campus to new mental health initiatives, this academic year marked many milestones.
04/20/15 10:44pm
Two full-time teachers at Powel Elementary School moonlight as Penn professors.
04/15/15 11:47pm
Creative thinkers from around the world have ideas for how to innovate education and a few are bringing them to Penn’s Graduate School of Education.
04/08/15 1:45am
The incoming class will be expected to complete four online pre-orientation programs as part of a new project called Thrive at Penn, or TAP.
04/07/15 3:13am
Parents of public school students can call the The School Discipline Advocacy Service which pairs law students from Penn, Temple and Drexel University to act as pro-bono advocates to help them wade through the disciplinary process in the school district.
04/02/15 12:07am
On Tuesday, the office of the Vice Provost for University Life announced the retirement of Director of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Scott Reikofski after 20 years in the position.
03/25/15 2:40am
Five Democratic mayoral candidates responded creatively to questions and took the chance to critique each other's views.
03/24/15 1:38am
Counseling and Psychological Services Director Bill Alexander said the “volume and intensity” of student focus on mental health has grown in the time since he became director in 1999.
03/23/15 1:06am
While teachers and administrators often focus on student's academic needs, a conference this weekend focused more on how to address students' needs as people.
03/19/15 9:42pm
The push for PILOTs has gone from Penn President Amy Gutmann's house to City Hall.
03/17/15 1:36am
The endorsement was publicly confirmed on Monday at the John B. Kelly School in Germantown on Monday, though union members had been alerted of the news by email the previous Friday.
03/16/15 2:15am
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has proposed a 9.34 percent increase in property taxes for Philadelphia in an effort to offset the School District’s $80 million deficit for the upcoming school year and to answer their plea for additional funds.
03/08/15 10:00am
The project worked with 190,000 tweets over a six month period between September 2013 to February 2014 that included “#commoncore.”
02/19/15 1:56am
Signs were confiscated, protesters were led out by police and both charter school applicants and opponents made last minute appeals on Wednesday evening. At the peak of the testimony, about 150 people filled the auditorium during a special meeting of the commission to announce the decision at the headquarters of the School District of Philadelphia.
02/10/15 12:29am
About 150 people gathered at the Ethical Society of Philadelphia in Rittenhouse for the announcement of Helen Gym's candidacy for City Council.
02/09/15 1:23am
District spokesperson Fernando Gallard told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the impact would be closer to a $500 million loss.
02/08/15 10:00am
A basic guide to Payments in Lieu of Taxes.
01/31/15 10:00am
Penn President Amy Gutmann helped announce the launch of the Young Quakers Community Athletics Program on Franklin Field Thursday evening.
01/26/15 12:02am
Penn Graduate School of Education Professors John Puckett and Michael Johanek are co-teaching the first Massive Open Online Course to come out of the GSE.
01/20/15 1:00am
Pedro Rivera is a Philadelphia native and former teacher and principal in the School District of Philadelphia. 
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