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03/17/16 2:32am
Henry Goldberg, a 2013 College graduate, was studying abroad in Belgium when he was almost outed.
04/30/15 12:14am
Last spring, College freshman Kathryn Dewitt was facing her own crisis amidst a semester marked by two student suicides in three weeks.
04/28/15 1:27am
Many African and African-American students at Penn believe that the black community is unified because of a shared experience of living as a black person in America — not because black people constitute a homogenized group with assumed similarities beyond the color of their skin.
03/30/15 2:06am
While Penn's new mental health task force report may have invigorated student initiatives and new awareness programs to foster a more supportive culture, many students who have used Penn’s mental health resources are disappointed by the Task Force’s inadequate discussion of ongoing problems with existing services.
02/23/15 2:36am
With a recently released report on Penn’s mental health resources, the friends and family of Madison Holleran reflect on the University’s efforts to improve psychological support since her death last year.
02/19/15 1:57am
Researchers continue to criticize the sexual violence campus climate survey that Penn will administer in the spring.
02/11/15 1:37am
The historic mansion at 40th and Pine Streets falls further into a complex legal battle between Penn and the community members surrounding the property. In a Commonwealth Court case on Tuesday afternoon, the Woodland Terrace Homeowners Association (WTHA) and nearby neighbors opposed Penn’s plan to replace the historic mansion at 400 S.
01/28/15 12:55am
The use of forensic experts and rights of the accused are outlined in Penn's policy amendments.
01/26/15 11:46pm
As part of an effort to restructure the office, the Office of Student Conduct has renamed and transformed its staff positions with both new and old members.
01/26/15 8:43pm
Though more than two dozen universities have declined to participate, Penn will take part in a national survey that will anonymously question students about sexual assault and harassment on campus.
01/14/15 2:11am
The Office of Student Conduct aims to move forward in its efforts to be more transparent and available to the Penn community.
12/09/14 2:53am

Penn alum at center of Rolling Stone controversy

Philadelphia-based writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely, a 1994 College graduate, is at the center of a reporting controversy over her recent Rolling Stone article, “A Rape On Campus,” which tells the gang-rape story of a student identified as “Jackie” at a University of Virginia fraternity party.
12/04/14 6:08am
Sixty years ago, Penn's approach to development was all about self-interest. Now, working with the neighborhood is essential to the University's construction strategy.
11/20/14 2:41am
After experiencing a surge in ridership, SEPTA has decided to keep the overnight weekend trains to make Philadelphia a more competitive city.
11/11/14 3:02am
Polling locations at Penn saw a 23 percent decrease in the number of voters as compared to the last gubernatorial election, according to the most recent data available from the city. 
11/10/14 2:20am
While professor Kenneth Goldsmith's new course "Wasting Time on the Internet" will use digital distraction to inspire students’ creative writing.
11/06/14 1:13pm
“Writing Out Loud” – an Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) course – is prompting Penn students to write original theatre pieces based on relationships they form with West Philadelphia residents.
11/04/14 3:00am
In tomorrow’s election for the U.S. House of Representatives, voters will have a choice between Democratic incumbent Chaka Fattah and Republican opponent Armond James to represent Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District.Both candidates ran unopposed in their respective party’s primary elections in May.
10/30/14 1:42am
Penn’s South Bank and Drexel’s Innovation Neighborhood are in the process of becoming new centers of entrepreneurship and educational progress in the city.
10/28/14 1:34am
As SEPTA union members could potentially go on strike starting next week, Penn has a plan to provide alternative transportation options.
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