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04/30/19 10:35pm
These microbots can be valuable in improving dental treatment by reducing oral infections and tooth decay.
04/23/19 10:26pm
The Kleinman Center currently supports energy policy research on topics ranging from carbon taxes to aviation.
04/16/19 7:52pm
Sarah Bush, an associate professor at Yale University’s political science department, has been selected to be the 2019-2020 Perry World House Lightning Scholar. 
04/09/19 8:45pm
This is the first data–driven study to link changes in brain function to specific symptoms in patients with clinical depression. 
04/02/19 8:36pm
Jeramy Botwe, a high school senior from Texas, was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools. Botwe's father is originally from Ghana and came to the United States as a teenager.
03/26/19 9:16pm
Comcast Spectacor announced Monday its plan to construct the 3,500 seat venue, which will be the first purpose-built esports stadium in the United States. 
03/19/19 9:38pm
O'Rourke's hourlong speech highlighted issues of immigration, income inequality, health care, the opioid crisis, and the criminal justice system.  
03/12/19 9:36pm
Penn Biology professor Doris Wagner led a team of researchers in the study of three different genes which have an important role in flower formation in plants.
02/19/19 8:39pm
The survey ranked Philadelphia less healthy than its Northeastern counterparts New York City, which ranked sixth, and Boston, which ranked 20th. 
02/12/19 7:52pm
The Yale College Council had previously implemented a pilot program that provided disposable menstrual products in two of its residential buildings, the Yale Daily News reported. 
02/06/19 6:59pm
Penn has faced similar protests surrounding the lack of support for the Asian American Studies program.
01/29/19 7:54pm
Temple announced Monday that it has joined Apple’s student ID program, which allows student and staff members to tap their phones near contactless card readers in place of physical IDs.
12/03/18 8:41pm
The Penn Medicine London center, which opened on Nov. 19, will allow patients from the European Union to access Penn Medicine health experts. 
11/29/18 8:46pm
E-cigarettes began as a way to help people quit smoking, but their popularity among teens has now led to fears of nonsmoking adolescents becoming nicotine-addicted.
11/13/18 10:44pm
The current study involves researchers from Penn's Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics, the Penn Injury Science Center, the Wharton School, and CHOP's Center for Injury Research and Prevention. 
11/06/18 8:35pm
The current U.S. ambassador to Russia and a former Governor of Utah, Huntsman Jr. received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Penn in 1987.
10/30/18 11:53pm
The acquisition builds on a series of steps taken in recent years to significantly expand Penn Medicine's operations. 
10/23/18 3:51pm
The National Institutes of Health’s National Eye Institute (NEI) Audacious Goals Initiative  is granting $30 million total to five multidisciplinary teams for research into regenerative treatments for blindness. 
10/09/18 6:23pm
More than 1,200 drug-related overdose deaths occurred in Philadelphia in 2017 alone. 
10/07/18 7:17pm
Wharton's MBA program experienced a 6.7 percent decline in applications for the past year, compared to a national decline of 7 percent in business school applications.  
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