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22 hours ago
None of the eight colleges received a passing grade. Yale University and Dartmouth College both received F's, putting them at the bottom of the list.
09/14/18 1:14am
Twenty-nine years ago, Wharton administrators tried to close Steinberg-Dietrich Hall at midnight in an effort to cut down on operating costs. Students staged a multi-day sit-in, eventually reversing the decision. 
09/12/18 5:43pm
A second-year graduate student in the School of Social Policy and Practice, Cameron Avant Driver was on track to complete his Master of Social Work degree by 2020.
08/24/18 1:15am
Pulley’s appointment comes six months after the departure of Eddie Banks-Crosson, who left as the former director of OFSL to become the new director of Wharton’s MBA Office of Student Life.
08/22/18 11:14pm
Hospital Pavilion, Wharton Academic Research Building, and New College House West are among the several new building projects to open during before the freshman class graduates.
04/06/18 12:23am
Krone and Andrews ran on the platform of improving mental wellness, transparency, inclusivity, accessibility, and community engagement. 
04/02/18 12:54am
There was a 6 percent increase in the number of admitted international students, who are from 104 different countries, and one in every seven admitted students is the first in their families to attend college. 
03/22/18 1:41am
The snow began falling Tuesday, the official first day of spring, and accumulated throughout the day Wednesday into the evening.
03/20/18 7:45pm
The last teach-in at Penn happened 49 years ago in 1969, and the revival of the program, entitled 'Production of Knowledge,' launched Sunday and is scheduled to last until March 22. 
02/19/18 1:40am
One of the definitions of the word 'chink' in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is 'an insulting and contemptuous term for a person of Chinese birth or descent.'
02/17/18 12:47am
Graduate student leaders say this is a strategic decision that graduate student workers across the country are making to ensure that they have the right to unionize in the long-term.
02/15/18 8:09pm
Former Vice President Joe Biden said that there is 'no compelling evidence' that immigration has led to economic dislocation in the United States. 
02/11/18 10:05pm
He will replace the university’s first woman president, Drew Gilpin Faust, who will be stepping down after 11 years, effective July 1, 2018.
01/17/18 12:32am
Lumpkin was the second Penn student to die in 2018. His death comes two weeks after the disappearance of College sophomore Blaze Bernstein, who was later found to have died on Jan. 2. 
01/08/18 8:56pm
This is the second University suspension to occur this year, the first of which was announced on Friday, Jan. 5, following the “bomb cyclone” snowstorm that hit the U.S. Northeast. 
01/03/18 5:09am
 “[Will] was the type of person you could never find a bad thing to say about. He was driven to succeed, spending nights in, while the rest of us went out, to study for upcoming midterms or do work," Epstein said.
12/13/17 12:54am
In 2017, travel bans became the biggest topic of discussion in federal immigration policy, forcing some international students at Penn to reconsider their futures in the United States.
11/30/17 12:35am
David R. Marchant has been charged for making “derogatory, sex-based slurs and sexual comments” to Jane Willenbring, a former associate professor at Penn. 
11/26/17 4:45pm
Penn said the name of the dorm would be temporary, but NCH has yet to receive a new one. Now, a new building near the west end of campus is being named New College House West.
11/16/17 3:21am
Despite statements from administrators, student accounts, along with data from off-campus housing facilities, suggest that there isn't an increasing demand for on-campus housing. 
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