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11/06/14 1:11pm
With the establishment of a new investigatory office for sexual assault, students will take a step back from the disciplinary process — a changed that has sparked controversy throughout the country.
11/04/14 2:12am
If you’re already in, make the most of it:
11/04/14 1:38am

More than a month in, no progress from Greek task force

            The Greek task force on sexual assault is currently working on identifying problems within the community and coming up with solutions to change them.
10/29/14 1:51am
Administrators have been meeting with student groups to discuss upcoming changes to University sexual assault policy.
10/27/14 12:51am
In April 2014, the White House released a report from its task force on sexual assault outlining measures schools should take to combat the issue on campuses nationwide.
10/16/14 12:51am
“Yes means yes,” may soon become the precedent for sexual violence policies on college campuses around the country.
10/07/14 9:00pm
Get ready for some "Birthday Sex."
10/07/14 1:36am
The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has a new member. Last week, Meghan Gaffney took over as Associate Director at OFSL.
09/23/14 2:41am
Many Penn students are familiar with the sinking feeling of waking up and realizing their jackets have gone missing due to a night of frat party hopping.
09/17/14 12:31am

Three new Greek chapters to come to campus

The Inter-Fraternity Council will welcome Delta Sigma Phi back to campus; they left Penn around 1960. Two representatives from the organizations national office came to do a site visit at Penn last week.
09/17/14 12:23am
The task forces, which will focus on four key issues — alcohol and drugs, hazing, sexual assault, and mental health — will establish their respective goals at their first meetings.
09/15/14 1:42am
The Greek community partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Buerger Center to maintain a garden and participate in ongoing community service efforts.
09/09/14 1:06am
Although fraternities refrain from using the phrase "dirty rush," they invite freshmen to social events throughout the fall semester. Some say entire pledge classes are chosen before official rush begins.
09/05/14 9:42am
For students who feel like they missed out on spring rush, fall recruitment — which is just starting up for the semester — provides an opportunity for them to join the Greek community.
08/22/14 2:02pm
In order to help children suffering from cancer, SAE is teaming up with the IFC to provide move-in assistance free of charge between Aug. 21 and Aug. 24, requesting that those who use this service donate to the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation
07/09/14 6:16pm
The Center will work with NBC News and the Wall Street Journal on its survey project, which is intended to increase public and lawmaker awareness of the opinions of American citizens during the 2014 election season.
07/02/14 5:43pm
Throughout their two-week international tour, the Penn Glee Club kept a daily blog of their experiences. Their destinations included Qatar, Tanzania and Dubai.
06/30/14 10:49am
Ponvert only represents plaintiffs, individuals who have been hurt in some way, so he does not represent any corporations or governmental bodies. He said a common theme among his cases is “representing people who have been victimized in some way by someone who was in in a position of power over them.”
06/24/14 7:15pm
2011 Nursing graduate Barbra Dickerman and 2011 College and Wharton   graduate Aaron Fleishman recently launched Wardrobe Wake-up, an online service that allows users to test-drive clothes. Subscribers pay a monthly fee of $25 to $45, and in return, Wardrobe Wake-up sends them a contemporary designer shirt or dress on a monthly basis.
06/11/14 8:19pm

Penn research team finds that suicides most commonly occur at night

Led by Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program Director and Psychiatry professor Michael Perlis, the study determined that most suicides take place between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. The findings were released in the wake of the Spring semester's two student suicides.
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