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05/22/15 10:00am
The Computer and Information Science department will launch a new class aimed at non-majors.
05/18/15 10:00am
Four engineering seniors have worked since September to create a product they call Turbox, which can generate power in remote, off-grid locations.
04/28/15 12:02am
At Penn, Legal Studies and Business Ethics professor Kevin Werbach uses gamification techniques to motivate his students.
04/23/15 12:31am
Twice a year, Penn hosts Penn Apps,  the longest-running college-sponsored hackathon.
04/14/15 11:56pm
If you are tired of flipping back and forth between Penn Course Review and Penn InTouch, three Penn students might have a solution.
04/13/15 11:05pm
BioBots provides a cheaper option for researchers who need to build 3D functional structures of living tissue.
04/09/15 1:29am
The Internet of Things will connect everyday products, from toothbrushes to couches to doors, to the Internet — and Penn faculty are at the forefront.
04/07/15 3:12am
With construction of the Pennovation Center underway, innovation is all the rage at Penn — but many may not know that support and funding has been long available through a variety of channels within the University.
03/31/15 12:47am
Vijay Kumar, a professor in multiple departments of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and a researcher in robotics, is set to take the helm of the Engineering School when he replaces Glandt as dean beginning June 1. The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Kumar to hear about his plans for the future of the Engineering School and the field of technology.
03/25/15 1:56am
Students who fall below the threshold will be automatically transferred to the College.
03/24/15 1:33am

Dual-degree program launches between Graduate School of Engineering and Law School

Unlike going to law school, the one-year program will not license students to practice law, but will give them a legal background and training in their respective fields. 
03/22/15 10:00am

Hexagon senior society unites upperclassmen engineers

The society has already tapped its potential members, and its first recruitment event, called "a smoker," was held on Wednesday night. Within a week, Hexagon will welcome their newest group of members. 
03/05/15 1:06am
Five Engineering seniors are changing the life of an 8-year-old boy while revolutionizing the field of 3-D printed prosthetics for their senior project.
02/23/15 2:25am
Although only 20 percent of engineering students nationwide are female, mentorship builds bonds within the field that drive success.
02/14/15 10:00am
The Penn Engineering school faculty are internationally known for their innovative research that is revolutionizing fields ranging from computer science to biology to animation.
02/08/15 11:50pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Scientific Director of the Singh Center for Nanotechnology Mark Allen to get an inside look at the Center's work.
02/04/15 1:12am
One PennApps team has created an app could work like Adblock for real life — and could potentially make them big bucks in the near future. 
02/01/15 11:03pm
Campus Maps, originally founded at the University of Maryland, uses an average of eight seconds to find directions for a campus location.
01/27/15 12:08am
Two teams from Penn are one step closer to winning the annual Hult Prize, a social entrepreneurship start-up incubator with a $1,000,000 prize.
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