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08/26/15 3:00am
The report shows that someone with a bachelor's degree from Penn earns an early career median salary of $60,300 and a mid-career median salary of $120,000.
05/23/15 10:00am
The Daily Pennsylvanian compiled some essential tips on course selection strategies and tools.
04/20/15 12:45am
Along with Goldman Sachs and Teach for America, Penn has consistently ranked among the top employers of its own students for the past several years.
04/15/15 11:08pm
College junior Adam Cohen was named a 2015 Truman Scholar, the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation announced on Wednesday.
04/13/15 1:38am
The donation will be used to establish the Price Lab for Digital Humanities, which aims to be this “hub” for humanities research that uses computer technology to aid students and faculty.
04/08/15 1:43am
According to data from Career Services last year, 69.1% of international graduates who responded to career surveys reported that they were employed full-time.
04/06/15 1:51am
Students interested in an individualized major must go through a series of procedures much more complicated than declaring an existing major.
03/31/15 12:45am
For many students, the lure of the corporate world has long been a draw over things like nonprofit work. But that might not always be the case.
03/24/15 1:38am
Consulting is usually associated with opulence and constant traveling, yet thousands of Penn students seek consulting jobs every year for more than superficial motivations.
03/18/15 11:27pm
Included with the 20-page guide is a one-pager information sheet that lists the locations and phone numbers of the 14 centers featured in the guide, along with four others. 
03/17/15 1:37am
Saven's journey shows that banking isn't for everyone — a trailer can offer what Wall Street can't.
03/02/15 1:46am
Employment statistics prove Penn’s reputation of high pre-professionalism, with very few graduates lacking post-Penn plans.
02/24/15 10:33pm
The Finance department introduced two new classes over the past year.
02/22/15 4:00pm
Engineering backgrounds are becoming increasingly important to careers in the film animation industry.
02/14/15 2:00pm
The Penn Wharton China Center has been over two years in the making.
02/03/15 12:40am
The percentage of graduates accepting jobs in the finance sector has been decreasing over the past five years.
01/27/15 12:09am
Four Penn freshmen are working on a start-up that helps visually impaired people "see the world."
01/18/15 11:00am

Phila. to host Forbes 30 under 30 summit

LThe Forbes 30 under 30 Summit ibrings together influential people to share ideas on the cutting edge issues of human society.
12/10/14 3:39am
Penn police considers following the Philadelphia police's footsteps.
12/10/14 3:34am
See what crimes occurred in the Penn Police Zone between Nov. 26 - Dec. 4.
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