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03/23/16 1:19am
Yesterday gender and sexuality historian Grace Sanders Johnson gave a talk on black feminism in relation to Haiti.
02/07/16 9:06pm
For the second year in a row the top four Academy Awards nominees have been white actors and actresses, causing many to question why non-whites in film lack recognition.
01/25/16 11:07pm
A former iteration of the council failed to please administrators because of the proposal to levy sanctions on Greek organizations for instances of cultural insensitivity. 
12/07/15 12:38am
About a year ago, students disrupted the annual holiday study break at Penn President Amy Gutmann's house with a protest.
12/01/15 11:45pm
Last Week Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation, held a protest in solidarity with students at The University of Missouri and Yale, who had been protesting the unfair treatment of minority students on their campus, and in the case of Missouri the failure of the administration to proactively address the issue of racism on their campus. 
11/24/15 12:56am
A second Penn student will go to the U.K. on a Rhodes Scholarship next year.
11/13/15 11:00am
Penn's campus is no stranger to protests, and the demonstrations at Yale last week bring up the difficult balance between free speech and cultural sensitivity.
11/12/15 9:31pm
This Thursday, some Penn students walked out of class at 2:30 p.m. as instructed by a Facebook event promoted by campus minority groups.
11/05/15 2:04am
Although nationally the two Democratic presidential front-runners Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have struggled to hold and maintain their favorability among black voters, at Penn students believe both candidates have something to offer black constituents. 
10/26/15 10:28pm
Last year, the issue was highly discussed on campus after members of the Student Labor Action Project and Students Organizing for Unity and Leadership organized a protest at Penn President Amy Gutmann’s annual Christmas party.
10/01/15 1:40am
Administrators believed it could potentially violate Penn's free speech policies. 
09/28/15 11:17pm
Students say much of the pressure comes from within their relationships themselves.
09/24/15 12:43am
The Inn at Penn, the Homewood Suites Hilton and the Sheraton Hotel still have rooms leftover for the Papal Weekend, despite projections that up to 2 million Catholics would be traveling to Philadelphia.
09/19/15 4:00pm
Get involved in activism on campus with these events early in the semester. 
04/29/15 10:32pm
Cultural centers at Penn aim to provide safe spaces for minority students. While many participate, others find them socially limiting. 
04/28/15 11:27pm
The protests in downtown Baltimore following the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray have sparked discussion on campus between students and through social media.
04/24/15 3:43pm
A member of the group stood on a box with plastic chains around her neck, reciting a poem directed at the members of the fraternity, calling them out for their choice to feature a black blow-up sex doll in their holiday photo last December. 
04/24/15 10:00am
When the anonymous polling app WhatsGoodly came to campus it caused controversy for claims of cyberbullying.
04/22/15 12:10am
In late March dash cam footage showing a police officer shooting an unarmed black man in the back sparked national outrage.
04/15/15 11:08pm
The event, which aims to celebrate the power, accomplishments and beauty of black women and girls has come under fire in the past from critics who claim the event promotes reverse racism.
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