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03/25/14 7:38pm

Guest column by Xavier Flory | Could the real Gabe Delaney please stand up?

Delaney enjoys the process of politics and admires the rhetoric of the greatest presidents of the past, but even a short conversation with him shows that he is informed and cares about the issues facing the Penn community.
11/10/13 8:41pm
At Penn, I am continually impressed with the accomplishments of my fellow students but often underwhelmed by their ability to justify why those accomplishments and causes are important.
10/27/13 6:49pm
Slipping into the mainstream usually means leaving our more cherished ambitions behind.
10/13/13 9:33pm
There is only correlation between the study of music and the traits that lead to success.
09/26/13 8:17pm
Newspapers like to say that journalism is the first rough draft of history, but even for a rough draft, it’s often pretty bad.
09/15/13 3:31pm
It’s easy to think we need an even higher GPA and more impressive extracurriculars if we are to compete with students from HYP.
09/08/13 3:21pm
The ivory tower is often derided for how elitist and out of touch it is, but isolation from the world is a good and necessary thing.
04/11/13 11:54pm
Tyga won’t be the only one promoting sexism on Friday. While there has been much furor over Tyga’s lyrics, certain groups at Penn will be propagating a more ubiquitous and insidious form of sexism over Fling: our fraternities.
03/31/13 11:16pm
It’s that time of year. Grab a wurst and sit back for the sporting highlight of the year. No, I’m not talking about March Madness. I refer to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League, the annual tournament for the best footballing clubs in Europe.
03/18/13 1:11am
The University prides itself on elevating groups that have faced discrimination, but it is penalizing Asian Americans for their success despite prejudice.
02/25/13 10:43pm
Secularism as understood today, although a great idea in the West, isn’t always exportable. The problem is that secularism is not a neutral concept but has positive associations with modernity and democracy.
02/10/13 11:43pm
Concert violinist and Juilliard and Yale graduate Igor Pikayzen told me in an interview that pop is more about “creating a sort of ambiance” than producing worthwhile art. Indeed, blasting “Ass ass ass” is a crude but clear message to girls at frat parties. However, nothing great was ever conceived as background music.
01/28/13 12:56am
Last year, as part of the religious studies class “Living Deliberately,” I had to spend a month in silence. The experience made me realize how far I had slipped into the thoughtlessness of a busy life.
01/14/13 12:58am
Creating a core curriculum could help with basic deficiencies in people’s knowledge and give the College of Arts and Sciences an identity.
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