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We are The Daily Pennsylvanian, the independent student media organization for the University of Pennsylvania. When our readers open “the DP,” they open a world of campus and city news, feature stories, sports, commentary, advertising, and much more. Whether in our newspaper, our weekly magazine, our special issues, or our websites, The Daily Pennsylvanian is the first read for the Penn community.

The Daily Pennsylvanian thrives as a community newspaper because we remain relevant to our audience of devoted readers. And for our advertisers, that’s why we are a proven and effective way — and still the best way — to reach Penn. We offer multiple media in print, online, social media and out-of-home that reach different segments of the Penn market, from students to faculty/staff to parents and alumni, allowing you to choose the media mix that best suits your advertising needs.

Our Audience By the Numbers

Undergraduates: 10,412

Graduates: 13,147

Total Students: 23,559

Faculty: 9,723

Admin/Staff: 12,655

Total Penn Employees: 22,378

  • 16,133 students live off-campus
  • 95% of Penn students read the DP in print or online every month
  • 12,000+ subscribers to our newsletters
  • 90,000+ followers across our social media channels
  • 5 million page views annually to and its related sites