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10/30/20 4:44pm
These visits come after the president made three stops in Lehigh County, Lancaster County, and Blair County on Monday. 
10/19/20 11:27pm
In the study — which was published on Oct. 14 in PLOS One — around 600 employees from the consulting firm Deloittee took part in a physical activity program over a six month period.
09/18/20 12:39am
University of Pittsburgh physician Mark S. Roberts and his team developed a model to evaluate the impacts of closing and reopening schools, offices, restaurants, and stores.
09/10/20 10:44pm
The researchers will study two different approaches for implementing firearm safety programs in pediatric primary care and evaluate their impacts.
09/03/20 8:50pm
Students can visit for free on Tuesdays through Fridays between 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
09/01/20 9:10pm
The Consortium for Clinical Characterization of COVID-19 consists of 96 hospitals around the world and has gathered data on more than 27,000 COVID-19 cases.
08/31/20 10:11pm
Temple's decision comes after 103 students tested positive for the coronavirus.
08/03/20 1:49am
The two Penn Medicine hospitals rank three spots higher in the 2020-21 Honor Roll released on June 28, in comparison to their placement last year. 
07/29/20 9:02pm
James officially began her tenure as the 15th dean of the Wharton School on July 1 and is making history as the first woman and person of color to lead Wharton since its establishment in 1881. 
07/22/20 9:21pm
Although the study was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now prepared to enroll the first cohort of children at the start of the upcoming school year. 
07/09/20 5:19pm
The paper found that wide-spread influenza vaccination would be an effective life-preserving investment, based on current projections for COVID-19 mitigation costs. 
06/24/20 3:27pm
Biden and the Democratic National Committee pulled in $80.8 million for his presidential campaign in May — over 10% more than the $74 million that Trump raised with the Republican Party. 
06/21/20 11:20pm
"[Reopening] has clearly not yet been the disaster that some predicted," Morris wrote in his data analysis which he published on June 10.
06/12/20 8:57pm
The report ranked Philadelphia County at No. 2,169 out of a total of 2,617 U.S. counties, and No. 63 out of 64 counties within Pennsylvania. Overall, Pennsylvania ranked in the top half of all U.S. states at No. 18. 
06/07/20 5:26pm
The fellowship, which will be awarded annually to one admitted MBA student, was established by 1984 Wharton graduate Jeffrey Schoenfeld and was awarded to incoming first-year MBA student Colan Wang. 
06/01/20 12:58am
Philadelphia County is currently under a stay-at-home order but the restriction is expected to be lifted on June 5, when the county will move into the yellow phase of reopening.
05/26/20 2:41am
After receiving the training, the study found that 65% of physicians reported administering or prescribing the treatment within five months. 
05/20/20 12:01am
Stupine worked as an Associate Dean and then Vice Dean for Administration and Finance at Penn Vet from 1978 to 2009. He also held interim positions at the School of Dental Medicine and Office of Budget and Resources at Penn.
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