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04/17/08 5:00am

Oration delivered on evolution

Is the meaning of life simply to reproduce? Daniel Dennett says no. Dennett, a Tufts University philosophy professor, spoke to a packed Meyerson auditorium yesterday evening as this year's lecture at the Philomathian Society's Annual Oration. The event, sponsored by the Provost's office and various academic departments, was entitled "From Animal to Person: The Role of Cultural Evolution.
09/20/07 5:00am
What organizers had intended to be an open discussion forum aimed at dispelling misconceptions surrounding atheism quickly turned into support for atheism itself. The Penn Inquiry & Freethought Forum, a new club aimed at discussing secular opinions and ideas, hosted "Ask a Skeptic" last night in Huntsman Hall, hoping for a balance of religious and non-religious attendees who would foster healthy debate.
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