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12/14/09 12:55am

CHOP healthcare workers allege unfair firings

Nine employees at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were fired Dec. 4 allegedly for refusing to be vaccinated against influenza.
12/10/09 5:10am

H1N1 cases remain low

Reported influenza-like illnesses at Penn remain low, with 12.9 cases per 10,000 students for the week of Nov. 29 through Dec. 5.
12/09/09 4:29am

Penn researchers investigate testosterone replacement therapy

Scientists at Penn, the National Institute on Aging and Solvay Pharmaceuticals will run a year-long study to test the benefits of testosterone hormone replacement therapy for men with low testosterone caused by aging.
12/03/09 2:50am

H1N1 cases declining at Penn

Pandemic influenza may be retreating, but health officials warn against relaxing just yet. Suspected H1N1 cases at Penn have dropped 31 percent over the past week.
11/19/09 4:08am

VA cited for treatment errors

The Philadelphia Veteran Affairs Medical Center was found to have committed eight apparent rule violations in connection with the use of radioactive ipellets to treat prostate cancer.
11/19/09 3:06am

SHS reports 100 possible H1N1 cases

Penn Student Health Service reported 100 cases of influenza-like illness suspected to be type H1N1 on campus for the week of Nov. 8 through 15, according to VPUL.
11/17/09 5:28am

Army Chief of Staff Casey reviews resiliency training sessions

Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey reviewed the first Master Resilience Training class of 150 non-commissioned officers Monday.
11/16/09 6:22am

More than 3,000 students get H1N1 vaccine

Volunteers distributed more than 3,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine to students last Friday in what was described as a “ridiculously efficient” H1N1 vaccination clinic at the ARCH building.
11/13/09 4:47am

Positive Psychology Center trains army officers in resilience

Researchers from the Penn Positive Psychology Center will train 155 Army non-commissioned officers and family members in “Master Resilience Training” in an attempt to bring them up to that psychological standard.
11/12/09 4:59am

SHS reports 111 cases of possible H1N1

Penn Student Health Service reported 111 cases of influenza-like illness suspected to be type H1N1 on campus for the week of November 1-7.
11/12/09 2:35am

Reporter's Notebook | Public health expo focuses on H1N1, water

This year, more than 13,000 professionals descended upon the Philadelphia Convention Center for the American Public Health Association's 137th Annual Meeting and Exposition, whose theme was “Water and Public Health.”
11/04/09 12:37am

Med School researchers use engineered cells to attack HIV

Researchers at the School of Medicine have partnered with Adaptimmune, Ltd. for the first-ever study to use HIV-positive patients’ own modified immune cells to specifically target and attack infected cells.
10/23/09 2:22am

Treating eating disorders at Penn

Penn Counseling and Psychological Services and other University staff handle treatment for students with disordered eating habits mostly without organized student involvement.
10/22/09 1:00am

HUP to change rules for young visitors

The University of Pennsylvania Health System is considering a policy that would prevent visitors under the age of 16, according to early reports by Fox 29.
10/22/09 12:24am

H1N1 vaccine will be available on campus

The injectable H1N1 vaccine will be available for priority students at a special clinic set up by the Student Health Service on the first three Fridays in November.
10/15/09 12:52am

TB test is a requirement for international, med students

The Student Health Service requires all incoming students to complete a questionnaire designed to identify students at risk for tuberculosis.
10/14/09 11:19pm

SHS: 137 probable H1N1 cases reported last week

The new cases make Penn’s weekly infection rate 67.9 cases per 10,000 students per week, significantly above both state and national averages.
10/08/09 2:17am

Suspected H1N1 cases above national and state averages

Penn Student Health Service reported 88 cases of influenza-like illness, suspected to be type H1N1 on campus for the week of Sept. 27 to Oct. 4.
10/06/09 3:26am

Prof: Low life expectancy in U.S. due to history of smoking

Recent research suggests that the United States’ low life expectancy, when compared to that of other developed nations, is not due to problems in the medical system but to the high rates of smoking in the past.
10/01/09 2:34am

Possible H1N1 cases rise to 89 this week

Penn Student Health Service reported 89 cases of influenza-like illness suspected to be type H1N1 on campus for the week of Sept. 20-26, according to Matthew Waller, director of public affairs and communications in the Office of the Vice Provost for University Life.
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