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01/26/24 1:07am
Eric Angelero was named LGBT Center director and Wesley Alvers was named associate director in a Jan. 25 announcement by Penn University Life.
11/15/23 3:15am
Penn Police Deputy Chief of Investigations Michael Morrin told the protestors that they would be arrested if they did not leave the building and gave them a 30-minute warning before arrests would begin. 
11/03/23 12:43am
While the drop in revenue is unlikely to affect the student experience in the short-term, experts said that the long-term financial and academic impacts are much less certain. 
10/06/23 12:41am
In 2022, after 15 years of reporting the same ratio, Penn submitted a revised Common Data Set — and the ratio has increased twice since then.
09/07/23 10:55pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with students and alumni to look back on the initial uproar, and to understand how their thinking on the name change might have evolved since then.
04/27/23 11:40pm
Penn, Stanford, Princeton, Duke, MIT, the University of Chicago, and the University of Texas in receiving a grade of D or F. 
03/02/23 12:42am
Class Board presidents said that protestors chose both the wrong occasion and the wrong tactics. 
02/21/23 11:17pm
Most schools did not respond to requests for comment on their position in the U.S. News & World Report rankings.
01/25/23 10:26pm
The DP examined the key players in the Wax proceedings, which include eight faculty members whose appointments span multiple schools at Penn. 
01/22/23 10:12pm
Penn Carey Law, which most recently ranked sixth in the U.S. News rankings, previously described them as “unnecessarily secretive and contrary to important parts of our mission.”
12/08/22 5:11am
The grant is given over a six-year time period and is intended to allow schools “to continue their critical work to build capacity for inclusion of all students in science.” 
11/15/22 8:44am
The addition of the four new electric-powered vehicles will save around 52 cubic tons of carbon emissions each year, according to Penn Today.
11/03/22 2:37am
The event took place outside in front of the Pottruck Health and Fitness Center, and much of the food was provided by Sharing Excess, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating food waste. 
10/24/22 1:09am
The protestors were comprised of undergraduate and postgraduate students, including representatives of Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard.
10/16/22 9:56pm
Eighth-year Penn anthropology Ph.D. candidate Justin Reamer gave the lecture which was entitled “The Archeology of Lenapehoking: 12,000 years of Lenape."
10/03/22 12:37am
According to recently compiled data by The Harvard Crimson, yield rates at Penn have seen significant growth.
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