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07/30/14 8:39pm
Malcolm Evans' Kickstarter page aims to raise money to publish his book, "Brother’s Keeper: Lessons Learned in Gaining Access."
07/23/14 8:27pm
Marilyn Taylor, who began her term as PennDesign dean in 2008, will now serve until 2016. During her time at Penn, she has increased the school's visibility and influence.
07/16/14 9:18pm
In U.S. News' "Best Hospitals" survey, Penn Medicine hospitals received several distinctions including the 2014-15 Honor Roll for the 16th year in a row.
07/09/14 5:11pm
In Harper Polling's "Our Commonwealth Poll", 24 percent of participants chose Penn State over Bucknell University, Carnegie Mellon University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh and Villanova University. 
07/02/14 9:08pm
The study, published in the June 25 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association, was conducted on about half a million women — the largest study yet to measure on the effectiveness of tomosynthesis.
06/20/14 6:12pm
Gutmann created a consultative committee to advise her on the reappointment of Provost Price. The Trustees voted to reappoint him to a second term at their Friday meeting.
06/18/14 9:01pm
The Safra family, the second richest family in Brazil, celebrated the 20th reunion of 1994 Wharton graduate Ezra Safra through the professorship.
06/11/14 6:27pm
The overnight train service will run every twenty minutes on the Broad Street and Market-Frankford lines through Labor Day weekend.
04/30/14 7:37pm

University council discusses nap spaces, political bullies

The four committees presented their findings on a variety of topics at the University Council meeting Wednesdauy
04/28/14 7:53pm

PennDesign prof to spearhead global urban development

The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to PennDesign professor Eugenie Birch, the newly named chair of the World Urban Campaign, about her previous work with and goals for WUC.
04/22/14 10:49pm
Four mechanical engineering students are making biking easier and safer.
04/17/14 10:18pm

The Higher Ed Round-Up

A weekly roundup of news around higher education.
04/16/14 6:45pm

Engineering seniors 'SPARC' efficient, affordable ocean research

For their senior design project, four students designed a boat for ocean research.
04/10/14 4:51pm
The Flings of yesteryear included square dances, a Candy Pants Eat-Off and a wet t-shirt contest.
04/09/14 12:37am

Consultative committee for Provost's reappointment announced

Provost Vincent Price's term is set to end on June 30, 2016.
04/08/14 9:11am

UPDATED: Wendell Pritchett appointed interim Penn Law Dean

On Tuesday afternoon, President Amy Gutmann and Vice Provost Vincent Price announced Wendell Pritchett as the interim dean of the Law School in the upcoming academic school year.
04/03/14 6:10pm

Higher Education gets pranked

A weekly round up of pranks from around higher education
03/30/14 5:43pm
Many wonder where all the food goes after a party at President Amy Gutmann's house.An investigative team at the Department of Public Safety discovered students squatting in the President's House located on 38th and Walnut streets.
03/27/14 10:57pm

Higher Ed Roundup: March 28

A weekly roundup of news around higher education
03/27/14 6:24pm
Friends and family of former Penn President Sheldon Hackney remembered his life in Irvine Auditorium on Thursday night.
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