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01/20/17 9:26pm
Three days before the Donald Trump's inauguration, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said he would rather see former President George W. Bush back in office. 
01/19/17 12:53am
Jameson received a total compensation package of $2,665,721 in fiscal year 2014-15, making him the second highest compensated administrator at Penn after Gutmann. 
12/17/16 4:00pm
The Annenberg Public Policy Center's political fact checking website,, will be among the fact-checking organizations to identify and label fake news stories flagged by Facebook users. 
11/29/16 7:01pm
Andrew Binns, Professor of Biology and former Vice Provost for Education, will serve as Interim Dean of the College effective January 1, 2017.
11/16/16 6:24am
Penn Course Review was recently updated with ratings for last semester's classes — but once again, there are no new written reviews.
11/10/16 7:54am
23 students replied to a Canvas post, imploring their marketing professor to postpone an exam.
11/07/16 6:57am
The Office of the Ombudsman, a campus office that handles various conflicts among students, faculty, staff and even parents of students, recently released its 2015-16 report.
10/30/16 1:23am
University Trustees have long wished to see a Quaker in the Oval Office, according to 1987 College graduate and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.
10/24/16 5:01am
An updated look at the candidates’ main proposals for undergraduate borrowers.
10/21/16 8:18am
Earlier this semester, all upperclassmen were notified that registration holds would be placed on undergraduates who did not complete the program.
10/17/16 5:22am
Once a code is used, it cannot be reused by another student.
10/12/16 3:40am
Forced grading curves create a “toxic” atmosphere in classrooms, according to Wharton's youngest-tenured and highest-rated professor.
10/06/16 4:00pm
On Wednesday night, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) spoke about the economy, immigration, reproductive rights and criminal justice reform at the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 19 Hall in South Philadelphia.
10/03/16 5:42am
Penn was the third-best school for veterans overall. 
09/21/16 6:00am
When the results came out, Penn President Amy Gutmann and Provost Vincent Price called them “deeply troubling." 
09/20/16 4:33am
Laboratory and fine arts classes can require fees ranging from $75-$300.
09/19/16 6:01am
A look at Anthropology 219, taught by Robert Schuyler.
09/13/16 6:29am
Feel free to tint your profile picture, share that controversial Facebook post or retweet a political message — “slacktivism” matters, according to a recent study published by professor Sandra González-Bailón.
09/11/16 10:00am
It's mandatory, but only 7.9 percent of upperclassmen have completed it.
09/03/16 3:15am
Penn's student government is expansive, with six branches and hundreds of members.
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