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06/11/14 9:20pm

Colbert Report doubles as crash course in campaign finance

Senior researcher at the Annenberg Public Policy Center Bruce Hardy and his team found that viewers of “The Colbert Report” were more knowledgeable about the finances of political campaigns than those who watched other news broadcasts by surveying 1,232 adults in the U.S. about SuperPACs — which are used to collect campaign funds — and tax exemption policies and comparing the different news programs each citizen watched.
05/28/14 6:17pm

University announces Law Professor as inaugural director of Perry World House

Burke-White hopes the Perry World House will serve as the first physical location on Penn’s campus to connect international professors, students and researchers. The house will also host visiting scholars from all over the world as a "gateway to Penn for the world."
04/30/14 9:47pm
Available to buy at Bridge Café and Rodin College House, Rebel bars may at first appear similar to any other granola bar.
04/16/14 9:12pm
College graduate Allison Tatios has created an alternative form of a resume. Her business Elevated Resumes helps clients make ones that are both effective and innovative.
03/05/14 9:25pm

Alum starts catering company

Andy Tekriwal is CFO of The Real Meals, a local catering company that often provides food for Penn sorority and fraternity events.
01/20/14 8:59pm
Wharton graduate and yoga monk Acarya Shambhushivananda works as a leader of the international Ananda Marga spiritual movement.
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