Crime And Courts

04/16/10 4:15am

Letter confirms VA accepts specific violations, fine

Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokeswoman said Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center has paid fine for botched radiation treatments.
04/15/10 9:37am
Starting bag checks one week later and implementing a room check policy mark the University’s new approach to ensuring student safety during Spring Fling this year.
04/14/10 7:17pm
Philadelphia’s District Attorney recently proposed a new policy that would decrease the criminal grading for possession of small amounts of marijuana.
04/14/10 8:47am
04/13/10 6:59am

HUP identity theft trial postponed

Shacoy McNish's trial, which was scheduled for Monday, was delayed because prosecuting district attorney Brian Doherty “had trouble locating two of his witnesses,” according to defense attorney Edward Weiss.
04/08/10 8:20am

March crime rose 66 percent

Violent crime, or crimes against persons, rose by 75 percent from last March to this March.
04/07/10 8:00am

Crime log: March 27-April 2

04/07/10 7:04am

Penn Health System named in cancer malpractice suit

Opening statements were presented Tuesday in Chester County for a malpractice suit in which the University of Pennsylvania Health System is named, among other hospitals and individuals, as an alleged contributor to the death of a cancer patient.
04/06/10 9:30am
After months of searching, , the man who shot an undercover state officer and a Drexel student in January at the Bridge Cinema De Lux was found Monday night.
04/06/10 9:26am

*UPennAlert confuses, befuddles campus

Retracted a mere 15 minutes after its release, the alert prompted a mass exodus involving not only the 1,500 recipients but also friends and acquaintances who had been informed of the message’s contents, in addition to curious Philadelphians who happened to be near campus.
04/05/10 7:04am

‘DP’ rides along with Penn Police

Staff writer Jenny Chung spends an evening navigating Penn Police's patrol zone with Sergeant Casey Busch, a veteran of nearly seven years at the Division of Public Safety.
04/01/10 4:29am
Given the rising rates of flash mob activity in recent years, the emergent urban phenomenon has come under increasing national scrutiny.
03/31/10 5:31am
03/26/10 7:38am

Sex-for-tickets trial reaches verdict

The jury deliberated on the charges of attempted prostitution and prostitution from about 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
03/25/10 8:24am

Sex-for-tickets trial began Wednesday

The prosecution put its case to rest Wednesday against 44-year-old LPS student Susan Finkelstein, charged with prostitution and attempted prostitution for allegedly offering to trade sex with an undercover police officer for Phillies World Series tickets last October.
03/24/10 8:52pm

No reports of 'flash mob' so far

The Division of Public Safety warned earlier that a "large gathering of juveniles" may convene near 40th and Market streets Wednesday afternoon. As of 8 p.m., no incident had been reported.
03/24/10 7:42am
03/22/10 4:01am

No arrests in Clark Park attack

At 3:20 p.m. Saturday, four unknown males attacked a 25-year-old man on the Clark Park basketball courts. The victim was shot once in the right knee.
03/18/10 6:30am

Police up presence for St. Patty's

The Southwest Police Division’s patrol personnel worked overtime to make sure Wednesday’s festivities ran smoothly.