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01/17/19 6:23am
Watts is currently a principal researcher and founding member of the Microsoft Research Lab and an Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large at Cornell University.   
01/17/19 5:49am
King will oversee Career Services, Civic House, NROTC, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Office of Student Affairs, and Platt Student Performing Arts House.  
01/17/19 4:33am
Jane Coyle Morris will replace Harriet Joseph, who served as CURF's executive director from 2008 until her retirement in 2018.  
01/15/19 10:09pm
Perelman, a 1940 Wharton graduate, was one of Penn’s largest donors. In 2011, he gave $225 million to the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.   
12/12/18 8:52pm
The reference to the popular "Tea and Consent" video took the now-empty space where Wynn's name was once engraved.  
11/29/18 2:26am
While administrators say they are making efforts to reduce noise when construction starts on Dec. 3, students are still worried they will be unable to study in their buildings.
11/28/18 1:41am
In the email sent to Du Bois and Rodin residents, University administrators said students will hear "intermittent noise" from construction from Dec. 3 through finals week. 
11/12/18 1:40am
The University required all faculty to enroll in the verification system by Oct. 31. 
09/27/18 3:35am
In three years, all undergraduate sophomores will be required to live in college housing. Sophomores will not be permitted to live in on-campus Greek houses.
09/15/18 5:06pm
For many students who planned on transferring or pursuing dual degrees, this policy shift, which was never formally announced, has made it nearly impossible.
09/14/18 1:27am
The annual event, titled 'Careers in Journalism and New Media,' featured Ashley Parker, Jessica Goodman, and Jill Castellano, all of whom currently work in journalism.
09/09/18 10:18pm
Both Terri Lipman and Vivian Gadsden have worked extensively in child welfare and have been involved in Penn Futures for several years. 
08/29/18 5:15pm
Bachman will replace John L. Jackson, Jr., who was appointed dean of the Annenberg School For Communication last spring. Both appointments will be effective Jan. 1, 2019. 
08/28/18 2:17am
Hewitt confirmed that her previous position as senior associate director for Wharton undergraduates has been filled by David Ross, who was previously associate director. 
08/24/18 2:00am
The previous University Architect, David Hollenberg, held the position from 2006 until his partial retirement in June 2018. Kocent's appointment to the position became effective July 2. 
07/02/18 1:05am
This summer, University construction projects include repairs to sidewalks, updates to building facades, and renovations of academic facilities.
06/25/18 3:14am
The Associated Press reported that under the new policy, only one-year visas will be given to Chinese students studying fields such as robotics, aviation, or high-tech manufacturing in the United States. 
06/06/18 1:11am
The CAPS website states that there are no Thursday evening hours from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. between May 17 and Aug. 23 and no Saturday hours between May 5 and Sep. 1. 
06/05/18 9:18pm
The Vagelos Challenge Award, which was created in 2005, recognizes students who have excelled in advanced science coursework and who are submatriculating in chemistry or physics. 
05/20/18 11:14pm
The American Bar Association reported that 90.6 percent of Penn Law’s 2017 graduating class have jobs that require passing the bar, far surpassing the national law school average of 69 percent.
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