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09/21/18 9:59pm
Penn Dems President and Wharton junior Dylan Milligan attended the rally with a group of 126 student members who received tickets after volunteering to canvas for Democrats.
09/20/18 4:21am
This event was one of the first events sponsored by Penn First Plus since its formation in the spring. 
09/20/18 3:32am
Mayor’s Scholars at Penn are students from Philadelphia, or one of the city's four adjacent counties, who benefit from a special financial aid program.
08/23/18 6:25pm
Student Financial Services attempts to address these unanticipated costs such as fees for transportation and classes on an individual basis. 
06/04/18 12:10am
Tuition for summer classes varies across the different schools, from $4,224 for courses in the College to $5,550 for those in Wharton. 
05/27/18 3:16am
A group of 11 cannabis growers and dispensaries put a temporary stop to the program when they contested it in court. 
04/05/18 3:54am
At the summit, students were divided into groups to discuss the different issues they face on campus and brainstorm possible solutions. 
04/04/18 12:30am
 Out of the three Greek life councils at Penn, the Panhellenic Council is the only organization that provides scholarships for members in all of its eight chapters. 
03/10/18 3:29pm
First-year GSE student Sarah Simi Cohen said the group will provide a space for students to talk about their experiences as well as access networking and job resources. 
02/16/18 11:35pm
The conference, which includes students from all eight Ivy League institutions, will feature over 350 attendees, 275 of whom will be staying on Penn's campus over the weekend.
02/09/18 12:51am
From a former refugee and a 75-year-old lifetime Eagles fan to a Penn graduate with his family of six, here are the stories of the people at the historic Super Bowl celebration this Thursday. 
01/26/18 10:33pm
Claire Klieger, the senior associate director at Career Services, said that Career Services will continue its efforts to serve FGLI students. 
12/07/17 2:31am
College freshman Cassandra Jobman, who is a member of Penn First and the QuestBridge program, was not informed of Penn's extended meal options over Thanksgiving break. 
11/29/17 7:05pm
For the first time, faculty members, alumni, and staff on campus were invited to host students for meals during their Thanksgiving breaks. 
11/16/17 1:06am
Multiple students have reported incidents of halal food at Kings Court English House being cooked with cooking wine, which is not permissible under the rules of halal.
10/11/17 12:38am
The application process for funding has numerous steps and can last up to nearly two months.
10/04/17 11:41pm
Members of Penn's Latinx community are determined to make the events surrounding Latinx Heritage Month this year an opportunity both for celebration and for support. 
10/02/17 2:27am
The top quiz, titled “Choose Some Fall Things And We'll Tell You Which Taylor Swift You're Most Like,” gained almost 300,000 views. 
09/23/17 10:32pm
ASAM Interim Director Eichiro Azuma said the College deans took months to respond to requests he had sent in April regarding the program.
09/21/17 11:01pm
Mayada Alhumssi, the mother of College sophomore Zubaida AlQaissi, is showcasing her paintings at the Philadelphia Folklore Project Gallery in an exhibition titled “Iraqi Songs in Color.”  
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