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05/21/19 3:44am
Penn President Amy Gutmann gave the opening speech for the ceremony after 2019 College graduate Shiv Nadkarni performed the national anthem.
03/20/19 5:42pm
Students said the national admissions scandal and the Jerome Allen case have generated discussions on the role that money plays in college admissions. College junior Luke Yamulla referenced the bribery allegations as well as recent tuition hikes in a recent post on Penn’s meme page, Official Unofficial Squirrel Catching Club.
03/11/19 11:46pm
Penn Admissions revamped their information sessions and admissions tours, run by Kite and Key Society, to be less focused on "facts and figures" and more on personal anecdotes of Penn.
02/15/19 1:13am
The number of applications Penn received is about a one percent increase from last year's numbers. By comparison, the Class of 2022 saw above a 10 percent increase in applications. 
02/06/19 10:56pm
Starting this fall, Penn will be the first Ivy League school to offer a fully online bachelor degree program. 
01/30/19 11:43pm
Admissions officers say there is no formal fact checking process in place and they do not intend to implement one.
01/28/19 11:25pm
Penn Beauty will partner with Teen Health Week, a week-long program that promotes mental and physical wellness among teens.
12/22/18 11:35pm
Eligible students will receive $20 every day they are on campus from Dec. 21 to Jan. 1.
11/30/18 12:11am
The event, jointly hosted by SRFS and student group Penn First, included a presentation explaining the highly-aided term. Students were also able to ask administrators questions about the new highly-aided initiatives. 
11/18/18 6:53pm
The re-loadable debit card system will be used for Thanksgiving, winter, and spring break for this academic year. 
11/04/18 10:14pm
The panel, entitled “Murder of Jews in Pittsburgh: Reactions of Heart and Head,” was one of several events hosted on campus in response to the shooting, in addition to a vigil led by Penn Hillel on Monday.
10/16/18 10:44pm
This is the first time either group of students has had specialized financial aid counselors.
10/01/18 12:42am
Before introducing the term 'highly–aided,' SFS identified these students as 'high–need.” Many didn't know, however, whether they qualified, in part because SFS did not publicly disclose the specific qualifications for a high–need student. 
09/27/18 1:55am
UA President Michael Krone told the DP that the increased cost of living off campus was one of the two main concerns among student leaders briefed of the plan beforehand.
09/21/18 5:59pm
Penn Dems President and Wharton junior Dylan Milligan attended the rally with a group of 126 student members who received tickets after volunteering to canvas for Democrats.
09/20/18 12:21am
This event was one of the first events sponsored by Penn First Plus since its formation in the spring. 
09/19/18 11:32pm
Mayor’s Scholars at Penn are students from Philadelphia, or one of the city's four adjacent counties, who benefit from a special financial aid program.
08/23/18 2:25pm
Student Financial Services attempts to address these unanticipated costs such as fees for transportation and classes on an individual basis. 
06/03/18 8:10pm
Tuition for summer classes varies across the different schools, from $4,224 for courses in the College to $5,550 for those in Wharton. 
05/26/18 11:16pm
A group of 11 cannabis growers and dispensaries put a temporary stop to the program when they contested it in court. 
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