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09/20/18 11:22pm
Penn professors hail the appointment of Jeb Bush to Presidential Professor of Practice as an intelligent move that will promote bipartisanship on campus.
09/17/18 12:12am
Penn Law graduate Mary Gay Scanlon won the Democratic primary election this May for Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional District.
09/14/18 1:32am
Annenberg professor Barbie Zelizer said increased threats to journalism in the U.S. and abroad compelled her to establish the Center for Media at Risk in April.
09/09/18 11:59pm
Penn Democrats are kicking off midterm season by traveling an hour out of Philadelphia to Allentown, Pa. They hope to help elect Democrat Susan Wild to replace former republican representative Patrick Meehan. 
09/09/18 8:44pm
An new report from The Boston Globe has brought attention back onto Warren's past as a professor at Penn and her controversial claims to her Native American heritage. 
09/05/18 3:40am
The officials from both Obama- and Trump-era administrations will engage in a closed-door conference on Sept. 24 and a public event, featuring panel discussions with other notable figures, the following day.
09/04/18 2:37am
Experts and campus anti-assault groups say these proposed rules could affect the way sexual misconduct is handled at universities such as Penn in significant ways, with the potential to make it more difficult for complainants to voice their concerns.
09/03/18 11:17pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian talked to Avenatti about his 'non-traditional' time at Penn and why the student vote is so vital in the upcoming election cycles.
08/31/18 3:50am
The largest student-run political groups on campus will be heavily involved in campaigning, canvassing, and organizing for congressional candidates in Pennsylvania. 
07/08/18 10:35pm
The meal features 13 courses at a price of $35, with an array of dishes including “delicate hamachi brightened with lemon and layered with cucumber and tempura crisp, flash-cured salmon loin rubbed with ginger, broiled freshwater eel atop a sushi rice hashbrown, and a piece of Wagyu beef tataki dotted with heart of palm salad maki and tender sea urchin,” according to Food and Wine.
07/03/18 2:03pm
“We continue to be very troubled by the executive order, now upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, that prohibits travelers from seven countries from entering the United States, five of them majority-Muslim,” Gutmann said.
06/23/18 5:06am
The 75-year-old Penn Law graduate becomes the Times’ fourth top editor in under a year, and will be tasked with stabilizing the paper after recent turmoil.
06/14/18 3:22pm
The panel discussed a number of challenges facing the media, including echo-chambers and the loss of credibility. 
06/05/18 3:33am
In an emailed statement, Penn Law announced the launch of a pilot program that aimed to strengthen the school’s “cross-disciplinary curriculum” by accepting two examinations that are mainly taken by business students.
05/20/18 10:59pm
Six Penn alumni were up for election on May 15, and three out of the four victorious primary candidates ran uncontested in their races.
05/14/18 10:41pm
The operation utilized robotic surgery techniques invented at Penn to remove benign and malignant tumors of the mouth and throat.
04/18/18 5:47pm
In recent months, an online comment allegedly written by Connor Lamb, sworn into office April 12, when he was studying at Penn resurfaced, in which he described Israeli actions as “terrorism.”
03/29/18 12:11am
As a nonprofit, Penn is exempt from paying property taxes under the tax code even though it is the largest private employer in the city. 
03/26/18 2:14am
The DP contacted 287 people for this story. Of the 59 people who responded, 50 said they expected Trump not to attend the reunion. Nine people said they expected Trump to attend.
03/19/18 1:15am
The Court upheld its decision Monday, March 19, after a failed second attempt by Republican lawmakers to overturn the decision that stated the previous district lines were influenced by gerrymandering.
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