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Penn admissions is thinking about expanding class size due to the renovated Hill College House and the newly-four-year new College House.

Credit: Sam Eichenwald

The Quad:


1. Location: The Quad's convenient location is hard to beat. Students who live in the Quad have no more than a ten minute walk to get to most classes. Plus, Wawa and off-campus parties are only a few blocks away.

2. Collegiate aesthetic: Nowhere else on Penn's campus is as beautiful or gives off the same Ivy League vibe.  Living in the Quad for a year is sure to up your Instagram game — and your frisbee game.  

3. Close Community Feeling: Close physical quarters combined with lounges and study libraries produce a close feeling of being in a community.


1. No place to cook: Residents usually purchase their own dorm fridges and microwave ovens.

2. Everything is quite…old: Beautiful on the outside, the Quad's interior facilities can be lacking.  

3. McClelland: Located in the center of Quad, McClelland provides breakfast, lunch and late night study food until 12 a.m. Unfortunately, you still have have to walk to Commons to get a filling meal unless you're in the mood for cereal.

New College House


1. Kitchen: On each floor, there are communal kitchens and fridges. Perfect for storing food for aspiring cooks!

2. Dining Hall: Though it might take you twenty minutes to walk to class, a quick and easy breakfast in the New College House dining hall won't be a drag on your morning routine.  

3. The "new" part: Finished and grandly opened this year, New College House is just so, well, new. Plus, the chance of an exploding pipe is bound to be way lower here than any other dorm. 


1. Location: Let's face it, living in New College House would be more convenient if your classes were at Drexel than Penn. Be prepared to spend a lot more time walking than your peers in the Quad. 

2. Dining hall is just so small: New College House has its own dining hall. However, choices are fewer than in 1920 Commons.

3. The "new" part: Though the facilities are nicer in New College House, at the end of the day there's still something to be said for living in the historic Quad.

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