Founder of Insomnia Cookies and Penn Alum Seth Berkowitz spoke about his experiences at an event organized by Wharton Management Club on National Cookie Day on Dec. 4. 

Credit: Marcus Katz

Whether it's crunch time for exams, getting that midterm back or simply a case of the "drunchies," Insomnia Cookies is there — and that’s just the way founder Seth Berkowitz would have it.

Berkowitz, a 2004 College alumnus and founder of rapidly-expanding and beloved company Insomnia Cookies was at Penn on Thursday to talk entrepreneurship, business and his experience at Penn.

The question- and answer-style event was hosted by the Wharton Management Club and drew around 30 students interested in the business side of the campus staple.

“I’m really interested in the food business,” Wharton freshman Yen-Yen Gao said. “It’s interesting how entrepreneurship can create new things in the business.”

Berkowitz described how his company grew from a one-man venture operating out of his kitchen to a business boasting more than 50 locations throughout the East Coast and Midwest.

He also discussed his own changing role in the company.

“I’m a big cheerleader for Insomnia Cookies. I’m probably the most energetic person in the company and I always keep that going. I try to make everyone feel appreciated at all times,” he said. “So that’s my job — cheerleader, psychologist, leader. And it’s really changed from ‘roll up your sleeves and bake cookies.'”

When talking advice for inspiring entrepreneurs, Berkowitz left the audience with both an encouragement and a caveat. “It’s hard. It’s a very hard road. If you feel like you can persevere and work through challenges, go for it,” he said.

“Insomnia was a huge leap of faith. So if you’re an entrepreneur and you feel like you have something, I would say go for it," he added. "College is the best time to do it ever. You’re so protected and it’s an amazing time to try things.” 

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