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Ernest Owens | Irreconcilable differences

I cannot say that my role as an elected representative on campus has been best used to advocate for students. Many campus issues that I encountered as a Quaker have not been addressed by the UA.

Ernest Owens | The new leader

Time after time, I’ve noticed that the individuals who end up advocating for students are ordinary members of the Penn community with an extraordinary story to tell.

Ernest Owens | Minding your manners

Yes, college is stressful. The constant demands and expectations can take a toll on how we treat one another, but that doesn’t excuse us from being respectful.

Ernest Owens | Rank your own damn school

In many ways, Penn is the best it’s ever been. How many colleges can boast a no-loan financial aid policy for undergraduates, some of the most impressive (and newly renovated) dining halls or a president that can stand on her head? Not many.

Ernest Owens | Equal when separate

While the media and politicians attempt to convince us that we live in a post-racial society, the truth is, self-segregation persists and is a natural instinct.

Ernest Owens | Confessions of an Ivy League snob

In many ways, acceptance to Penn is a blessing and a responsibility. It is a fortunate chance to launch a better life and an even greater task to maintain it. If you don’t feel a level of high spirits for such a worthy burden, then you’re just lying to yourself.

Ernest Owens | Never O’Clock: using the N-word

Our societal mindset has shifted to thinking that racial slurs do not have the same impact as they did in the past. Many scholars and critics, arguing for the idea of a “post-racial society,” claim people see beyond race and more into individuality.

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