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04/25/18 8:46pm
The 2016 College graduate said she and Kurzban kissed in January 2016 at his apartment. After that night, she ended the romantic relationship, but he continued to pursue her at least twice, she said.
04/11/18 9:36pm
Robert Kurzban was the undergraduate chair of the Psychology Department when he allegedly began a sexual relationship with his student. His senior position may now be in jeopardy.
12/10/17 5:45pm
As 2018 approaches, the University continues to face unanswered questions about its investments and how they will hold up against shifting federal guidelines.
11/09/17 11:52am
"At this pivotal moment, we urge you to express your views through social media and directly to elected officials in the House of Representatives and the Senate," Gutmann's statement read.
11/01/17 10:00pm
Two groups recently applied to be constituent members of APSC, but only one was accepted. 
10/03/17 6:37pm
One of the largest debates that erupted this year was over the University's new rules around social events on campus. Here's everything you need to know about what happened. 
08/31/17 7:16pm
"I think the cancer world is forever changed.”
08/28/17 5:33pm
There will also be designated "Uber zones," at major buildings on campus including Houston Hall, the Quad and Penn Dental School, where students can easily be picked up and dropped off. 
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