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12/06/17 6:13pm
There were only 501 full-time job listings for history Ph.Ds in the 2016-2017 hiring season, a 12 percent decrease from the previous year.
11/14/17 10:35pm
The ADL reported just shy of 1,300 cases of anti-Semitism from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30, exceeding the 2016 total of 779 incidents. 
11/08/17 10:19pm
College senior Haley Mankin took three courses during both semesters of her freshman year, and said the option to do so is important for all students. 
10/25/17 11:38pm
“Penn is just really demanding,” College freshman Jamie Albrecht said. “Being un-medicated when you have [a mental health issue] here is just really difficult.”
10/15/17 9:00pm
“If it happened on-campus, off-campus, abroad, none of that is relevant to me,” said Penn’s sexual violence investigative officer Deborah Harley.
10/08/17 8:10pm
A Penn student who witnessed the incident said she was “livid there was no alert” sent out to the Penn community, especially because the man was let go by police. 
10/03/17 6:37pm
One of the largest debates that erupted this year was over the University's new rules around social events on campus. Here's everything you need to know about what happened. 
09/28/17 6:26pm
While peer institutions like Harvard have taken steps to ban Greek institutions altogether, Penn administrators say the Task Force has no such intention. 
09/24/17 10:54pm
The accidental breach of privacy is only likely to result in a "slap on the wrist" in terms of legal repercussions, lawyers say. 
09/17/17 11:03pm
“There’s something to say for talking to a student who is the same age as you and maybe who has gone through something similar." 
09/10/17 8:51pm
A lawyer says this mistake might have violated a federal law that protects the confidentiality of student records in all federally funded schools.
09/07/17 6:45pm
DeVos criticized the current sexual assault policies for college campuses as “kangaroo courts” that have “run amok."
08/30/17 5:37pm
Penn Law students say administrators need to think seriously about whether Wax should be allowed to continue teaching a required, first-year course.
08/27/17 8:49pm
Last year, 180 Degrees Consulting club accepted 17 people out of the 200 applicants. That's a 8.5 percent acceptance rate, which is lower than Penn's lowest ever acceptance rate of 9.15 percent. 
06/21/17 2:58pm
“I learned about game theory in ECON 10 [in Wharton] and in NETS 112 [in Engineering] from different perspectives and for different applications,” Engineering and Wharton freshman EJ Murphy said. “It painted a far more vivid picture.”
05/18/17 4:44pm
2017 College graduate Samip Sheth said events like Feb Club served an important role in bringing graduating seniors together. “It’s really special to see how people are coming together to celebrate the memories we’ve made in the last four years,” he said.
05/04/17 12:23pm
Andrew Binns, a biology professor, will remain the interim dean until New Student Orientation.
04/25/17 10:44pm
The decreased funding for research will force academics to be more strategic about their research proposal topics in the future, Alain Plante, an associate professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science said. 
04/25/17 8:41pm
“It was a 20-minute walk to and from DRL,” College freshman Jackie Wexler said. “It’d make planning my schedule very difficult, it’d make going home when I have an hour between classes difficult, and the Radian seemed a bit more convenient."
04/24/17 5:37pm
Flyers that include phrases like "stop the blacks" and "join your local Nazis" were posted around campus in recent days, raising questions as the motive and identity of their creator.
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