Articles by Sam Zou

05/11/23 6:33pm
Columnist Sam Zou encourages students to look at life with an abundance mindset instead of focusing on what we lack or what is scarce in the world.
01/25/23 11:16pm
Columnists Sam and Andrew argue that tenure track’s overemphasis on research and publicity give occasion for professors like Amy Wax to rise. 
01/23/23 10:21pm
Listen to the top headlines on Tuesday, Jan. 24 with our newsletter anchor.
01/23/23 7:43pm
Columnist Sam Zou argues that U.S. News rankings will remain influential, for better or worse, even as many top law schools are pulling out.
09/28/22 8:17pm
Columnist Sam Zou argues that college rankings rarely hold cheating institutions accountable and consider factors irrelevant to educational quality.
08/29/22 9:12pm
Columnist Sam Zou argues that colleges create sealed-off campuses in an effort to preserve safety, student academic performance, and inequality in educational resources.
07/28/22 11:06pm
Columnist Sam Zou argues that higher educational institutions lie or bend the rules on reporting data to college rankings to increase their place, and they must be held accountable legally. 
07/06/22 12:50pm
Columnist Sam Zou argues that working remotely chips away at the core value of internships for college students and recent graduates. 
06/25/22 12:29pm
Columnist Sam Zou shares his story of learning to enjoy solitude and letting go of less meaningful connections in life.
06/04/22 5:03pm
Columnist Sam Zou shares his personal experiences as a transfer student in high school and college, encouraging prospective transfer students to explore and embrace Penn.
05/17/22 5:00pm
Columnist Sam Zou argues that Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill has a national impact and may endanger LGBTQ youth who already lack access to a supportive community.
04/22/22 9:39am
Columnist Sam Zou argues that the usage of filler words is unprofessional and projects a lack of confidence during a speech or presentation.  
04/18/22 11:43am
Columnist Sam Zou argues that Penn should expand the Exchange at Penn program and create more helpful resources and contacts before exchange students arrive on campus.  
03/22/22 12:25am
Columnist Sam Zou argues for the positive role affirmative action has on achieving diversity, increasing intergenerational mobility, and equalizing wealth between Black and white students.  
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