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12/07/16 2:04am
Government lawyers filed their suggestions for Fattah’s sentencing on Monday, recommending that the convicted Democrat serve 17 to 21 years in prison.
11/20/16 12:54pm
Experts are unsure how much the price of certain beverages will increase once Philadelphia’s “soda tax” goes into effect on Jan. 1.
11/10/16 10:15am
Over two dozen Penn students staged a sit-in Thursday morning outside Penn President Amy Gutmann’s office in College Hall.
11/09/16 12:02am
As of 11:45 p.m. on Tuesday, the New York Times projected 1968 Wharton graduate and Republican nominee Donald Trump had over 95 percent chance of winning the presidential election. Students on campus reacted with hesitancy and surprise.
11/03/16 2:58am
Over the course of the last three decades or so, Trump has been identified on a number of University reports as a donor or pledged donor for specific amounts.
09/15/16 12:50am
John Shahidi, the man behind campus staple Avril 50, bangs his aged Italian espresso pucker to make sure the previous customer’s coffee grounds are out, the beginning of his timeless ritual.
06/04/16 6:00am
Whether you're a Philadelphia native or new to the city, here are the figures to know in local and statewide politics:
05/13/16 1:27am
While a small percentage of Penn students remain in Philadelphia for work after graduation, 64 percent of recent graduates from local and regional universities stayed in the city after graduation in 2014.
04/27/16 2:31am
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump took sweeping victories across the east coast on Tuesday. 
04/27/16 2:30am
State Rep. Dwight Evans beat Chaka Fattah, a 1986 Fels Institute of Government graduate, by eight percentage points in the 2nd Congressional District Democratic primary. 
04/20/16 2:37am
Earlier this month, Representative Kathy Rapp (R-Warren) introduced a bill that would amend the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act to make abortion a crime after 20 weeks of pregnancy, rather than the current 24 weeks.
04/20/16 2:36am
Jamal Morris, 27, was riding a red, Chainboard bike around 4 a.m. on Saturday morning when he was struck by a car at the intersection of 45th and Market streets.
04/20/16 2:28am
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton cruised to victories in the Empire State, leaving competitors John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders with narrow paths to the nomination. 
04/19/16 2:06am
At Penn, international students have bared witness, much to their surprise and concern, to what is turning out to be a historic election for American politics.
04/07/16 3:42am
Hillary Clinton, fresh off of a loss to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday, discussed issues of interest to AFL-CIO members.
04/05/16 1:30am
The Daily Pennsylvanian took a look at Fattah’s recent legal troubles, extending back to 2007, and previewed what lies ahead for the embattled congressman and Fels graduate.
04/05/16 1:28am
Although a college degree is one of the requirements to apply for an H-1B visa, some international Penn students have exploited a loophole and apply before graduating.
03/31/16 1:23am
Certain Penn professors agree that policies the United States government has undertaken to promote marriage may not adequately target the problems of poverty in the United States.
03/24/16 1:09am
On March 3, Mayor Kenney introduced a soda tax, which is the third proposal Philadelphia has seen.
03/21/16 2:07am
Without an H-1B visa, international students are forced out of their jobs, and occasionally, out of the country. 
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04/03/16 10:37am

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03/17/16 2:55am

Kasich takes victory lap at town hall near Philadelphia

On Wednesday afternoon Kasich, who was born near Pittsburgh, held a town hall in Villanova, his first stop following an 11-point victory over 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump in Ohio.
02/26/16 6:00am

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