Trump supporter yesterday, Ted Cruz fan today


The DPolitics team just made it to the American Legion Henry J. Sweeney Post in Manchester, New Hampshire to listen to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) talk to voters.

The venue is quite the treat. Imagine a typical small town bar with pool tables, a wide array of beer taps and an awkward, lonely disco ball hanging above the crowd, who patiently await the winner of the Iowa caucuses. He is expected to arrive shortly.

In the crowd we run into Dennis Williams, a 73-year-old retired software engineer from Manchester. He sports a black cap and wears a Cruz campaign sticker on his chest. Surprisingly enough, Williams has been a Cruz supporter for exactly one day. His wife and himself supported the 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump, until they realized that his incendiary approach to politics is not what the White House needed.

"There is an approach that he takes that is abrupt and intrusive. He is a good guy, but presents himself to abruptly. His language got to us and we decided that we’re going with a Christian now,” said Williams.

Ted Cruz was a no-brainer for Williams, who is very fond of Cruz’s Christian principles, his stance on gun control and his call for less federal government intervention. Williams conceded that Cruz is not particularly liked in Washington, but pointed out that his integrity and values will win him the nomination.

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