Live Blog: Marco Rubio at Nashua Community College, NH


NASHUA, NH - At last, the DPolitics team has made it to Nashua Community College, hosts of our final event of the day, a rally for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida). The rally for the third place winner of the Iowa caucuses will be held inside the college's gymnasium.

All major press outlets — including The Daily Pennsylvanian, of course — are set up and ready to go. Rubio's supporters in New Hampshire are getting settled in as they mingle and shuffle through the local gymnasium. All seems ready for the arrival of the hopeful Florida senator.

Stick around for our live coverage:

6:24pm: Live updates coming soon.

6:47pm: Republican presidential hopeful, Sen. Rubio, just made his entrance into the gymnasium. Crowd went wild chanting, "Marco". Rubio responded by saying, "Don't say 'Polo'."

The senator is about to be interviewed by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, as the crowd huddles around him and watches. Then he will move on to the center of the gym and address his supporters.

7:01pm: Kelly and Rubio converse as the Fox News camera team films the interview. The conversation is inaudible to the audience in attendance. The crowd is looking Rubio's way as he answers Kelly's questions, anxiously awaiting the second part of the event when they can actually listen to the candidate speak.

Tune in to Fox News if you're wondering what Kelly and Rubio are currently discussing (I guess?).

7:05pm: Well, this just got interesting. Two or three men crashed the Rubio event, pulled out a banner (hard to say what it said), and started chanting, "Marco has no experience."

Rubio's staff immediately took down the banner, quieted the men and scuffled with them as they were escorted out. Rubio's supporters chanted the candidate's name as the intruders were kicked out.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Rubio continued with their live interview, oblivious to what just went down.

Seems like they just finished the interview. Rubio taking the stage.

7:12pm: “Are you ready to make New Hampshire Marco Rubio country?” asks Rubio’s presenter. Rubio stands in the spotlight as crowd listens to Rubio’s introduction.

7:14pm: “This election is about a choice about how you want America to be like for your children,” says Rubio after introducing his family.

“Bernie Sanders is a socialist. I know him. He is a nice guy. He is a nice socialist,” says Rubio to the amusement of the crowd.

7:16pm: Rubio talks about taking his message to students, to the working families of the 21st century, and the average waiter and worker. “We need to unify the country,” says Rubio.

7:17pm: Rubio goes on to criticize President Obama as divisive. “The Democrats don’t want me to win,” says Rubio after citing a poll that allegedly proves he is the only Republican candidate who can beat Clinton.

7:19pm: “When I am president of the United States, America will once again stand with Israel and all its allies around the world,” says Rubio as he moves on to talk about the importance of a strong military presence.

The crowd goes patriotic and starts chanting, “USA, USA, USA.”

7:20pm: Rubio goes on to talk about terrorism and how he will send any terrorist straight to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Is this the closest the candidate of Cuban parents will talk about his position on the Cuban embargo? Seems so.

7:24pm: Rubio keeps on appealing to a stronger America for the 21st century as he continues to make reference to the “socialist” and the “one in email trouble with the FBI”.

7:25pm: “My parents lived the American Dream, the American Dream of being able to leave their children better off,” says Rubio to an excited crowd.

Rubio describes the New Hampshire primary as a turning point in history and urges voters to get a good rest and go out and vote tomorrow.

7:28pm: The Florida candidate finishes his speech and leaves the stage to greet his supporters. It seems like that was it, making it the shortest event the DPolitics has covered today.

7:30pm: I would like to thank the Florida senator for keeping his spiel short and to the point, so that I can get back to working on my deadlines. Rubio is still engaging with the crowd. Photos, selfies, questions, handshakes, you name it. No kissing babies yet, at least none that I have seen from my vantage point.

Shortest speech of the day, but definitely the candidate who has most gone out of his way to interact with his supporters. Will the strategy work when New Hampshire voters head to the ballot booths tomorrow? It remains to be seen. Now, we wait. Thank you for tuning in, make sure to check out the DPolitics blog again tomorrow for our continued coverage. Peace.

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