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05/12/17 3:33pm
On the night of Nov. 8, 2016, while the world watched the unexpected ascent of Donald Trump to the presidency, I had one mission: to put out a paper.
11/09/16 12:02am
As of 11:45 p.m. on Tuesday, the New York Times projected 1968 Wharton graduate and Republican nominee Donald Trump had over 95 percent chance of winning the presidential election. Students on campus reacted with hesitancy and surprise.
11/08/16 2:12pm
Biden told the crowd he had come to campus to grab lunch with his granddaughter.
11/03/16 2:59am
On Monday, Engineering graduate student Alfredo "Freddy" Abravanel died "unexpectedly," according to an emails sent to the Engineering community Tuesday morning.
10/15/16 5:28pm
While Penn football was up 7-0 at halftime in Saturday's game against Columbia at Franklin Field, the Lions' band made a fierce attack at the home team.
09/17/16 12:20am
Penn Police officer Ed Miller and Philadelphia Police Sergeant Sylvia Young were among those shot. Both officers were in stable condition at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and "alert and talking," according to 6ABC. 
09/09/16 10:42pm
During an hour-long interview, Baron discussed his experience leading the Boston Globe's coverage of sexual abuse among Catholic priests — the investigative reporting shown in the 2015 film — as well as other sensitive stories he's handled during his career.
09/06/16 2:37pm
Students woke up to hundred of flyers plastering campus, declaring, "This is what rape culture looks like."
07/27/16 10:04pm
For many political journalists, Philadelphia is nothing more than a stop on the campaign trail.
05/03/16 8:49pm
It's looking even more likely that a Wharton alumnus will clinch the Republican nomination for 2016.
02/22/16 7:00pm

From the Editor: Timeline of our Cruz-Rubio reporting

In an effort to clarify the series of events that informed our reporting, The Daily Pennsylvanian has created a timeline of our account.
01/22/16 12:10pm
The imminent winter wonderland will halt SEPTA on Saturday.
12/04/15 12:05pm
No shots were fired during this incident, and the suspect never took the gun out of the holster or pointed it at officers
12/04/15 12:00pm
On Wednesday night, the Interfraternity Council elected a new board to be led by Wharton junior David Moore of Kappa Sigma.
11/02/15 10:13am
A woman called Penn Police to complain that a man had touched her inappropriately as she walked up the stairs of the subway at 40th and Market streets.
09/09/15 10:35pm
The school is ranking No. 9 this year in National Universities, compared to No. 8 last year and No. 7 in 2013.
04/25/15 5:05pm
The suspects allegedly robbed a 7-11 on 42nd and Walnut Streets.
04/22/15 12:05am
Penn Police stopped the suspect at 40th and Market Streets after he tried to rob and assault two victims who reported the incident.
04/09/15 1:26am
In the wake of AXO's vote to revoke its charter, the Daily Pennsylvanian takes a look at other recent off-campus moves.
04/03/15 11:57pm
Two suspects fled the scene of an unarmed robbery on 41st and Baltimore Friday night.
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07/29/16 4:15pm

Young girls come out to see Hillary Clinton after accepting nomination

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Vice Presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) held a rally at Temple University’s McGonigle Hall Friday afternoon.
07/28/16 12:53am

NBC News' Andrea Mitchell talks Penn life, media career

For many political journalists, Philadelphia is nothing more than a stop on the campaign trail.
07/27/16 10:00pm

MSNBC's Kasie Hunt gets nostalgic about her return to Philly

Hunt reflected on her Philly roots in an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian on Tuesday.
02/25/16 8:30pm

Dump Trump movement has 'general shitty feeling' about candidate

Outside of a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina on Friday evening, one protester refused to engage in the political.
02/25/16 2:01am

One 'Shooter's Choice' is Trump

A Columbia, S.C. gun shop salesman says firearms aren't the most important issue of the election.
02/23/16 2:23pm

From the Editor: Timeline of our Cruz-Rubio reporting

In an effort to clarify the series of events that informed our reporting, The Daily Pennsylvanian has created a timeline of our account.
02/22/16 2:06am

PHOTOS | College voters talk politics on primary day in South Carolina

We asked students how they felt about the current political atmosphere in this election cycle, and what issues mattered to them the most.
02/21/16 6:30am

Spotted: Man with Confederate flag at site of banning

Almost exactly eight months after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley banned flying the Confederate flag at the State House here, the alternate Star-Spangled Banner made a reappearance.
02/21/16 6:15am

Faces of Ted Cruz supporters in South Carolina

Many emphasized his Christian values and "proven conservative record."
02/20/16 2:16pm

Rubio staffers sent into flurry trying to avoid DP interview

The campaign got hotel staffers where we were guests to ask DP editors to leave the premises to avoid asking questions.
02/20/16 8:00am

Conservative radio host Sean Hannity works two candidate rallies, same three jokes

At Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio events, Hannity bashed Democrats.
02/19/16 9:54am

Live Blog: Ben Carson at Veteran's Patriot Action Conference in South Carolina

The discussion opened up with a plea for reporting voter fraud.
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