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Columbia's band took aim at Penn for admitting Trump in a poem at halftime of the Penn-Columbia football game on Saturday

While Penn football was up 7-0 at halftime in Saturday's game  against Columbia at Franklin Field, the Lions' band made a fierce attack at the home team.

In a poem recited over the loudspeaker, Alex Della Santina, a member of the Columbia band, took shots at 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump and off-campus organization OZ for recent comments that have been associated with rape culture.

Referring to Trump, the poem read, "Heck were you thinking/Admitting this guy?/We get you need money,/But him? Dear God, WHY?" It went on to talk about Trump's recently leaked comments in a conversation with TV host Billy Bush in 2005 where Trump bragged he could "grab [women] by the pussy."

"Unfortunately, Penn,/You’re not in the clear,/‘cause locker room talk,/Also happens here!" the poem went on. "An email went out,/From a frat called OZ,/Demanding girls in tight dresses/Who won’t be a tease."

Members of the Penn Band were not amused by Columbia's jokes, however.

“We dont condone jokes about sexual assault, that's not something you'd like to hear anybody joke about," Penn Band Treasurer and Wharton junior Laura Kuder said.

The full transcript of the poem can be found below, courtesy of Della Santina:

"We all know Trump went to Penn,
That’s not confidential
And he’s now the candidate
That’s least reverential

He’s racist and sexist
And also a jerk
And let’s not get into
That awful smug smirk

You just can’t deny it,
You did let him in.
And we could blame you,
If the election he wins.

But Trump’s numbers plummet,
And Republicans are stuck,
But to his alma mater,
We say “Penn, what the…”

Heck were you thinking
Admitting this guy?
We get you need money,
But him? Dear God, WHY?

Just last week in fact,
We all heard the tape
Where a certain nominee
Bragged about… getting away with sexually assaulting unconsenting women.

Unfortunately, Penn,
You’re not in the clear,
‘cause locker room talk,
Also happens here!

An email went out,
From a frat called OZ,
Demanding girls in tight dresses
Who won’t be a tease.

Come on, Penn boys!
You can’t be this thick!
Women aren’t toys
And will cut off your… scholarship.

But before we leave you today
We’ll play you a song
In honor of Penn Men
We now form a dong

Just kidding. The band now forms a 1950’s mentality and plays Time Warp."

Penn won the game, 35-10.

Sports editor Tommy Rothman contributed reporting on this story.