Dump Trump movement has 'general shitty feeling' about candidate


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Outside of a Donald Trump rally here on Friday evening, one protester refused to engage in the political.

And what's less political than a cartoon pile of poop with the Republican presidential front-runner's face on it?

The "Dump Trump" movement is a self-described "on-the-surface movement" consisting of several scruffy-bearded guys in beanies with a large sheet and buttons emblazoned with the fiery cartoon.

Yes, one representative said, he will vote in his home state of New York. 

But don't try asking for any more specifics. 

Why not Trump? "Just a general shitty feeling." 

So who do you support? "Anybody but Trump." 

What is your name? "We are all representing the artist Hanksy." Their budget for "dumping across America" is "privately funded" by "people, humans … people not interested in Donald Trump." 

For a group that feels strongly enough to traipse across the country with a sheet of sh*t on it, they seem to not have many hard stances on pretty much anything else.

But they sure are persistent.

"Every primary, we are dumping."

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