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05/14/14 9:45pm

On lust and stress

Although I am ultimately responsible for my missteps, I also blame my socialization into the Greek Scene and Penn’s ethos of “work hard, play hard.” Locust Walk is like the Autobahn, a highway without speed limits.
12/01/13 9:53pm
I joined a Buddhist ashram in India, worshipped with Jews in Jerusalem and devoured agnostic and atheistic literature. Like the prodigal son, however, I always returned home to church.
11/17/13 2:35pm
With Thanksgiving as our ultimate feast of gratitude, here’s a toast to all my professors who have nurtured my inchoate mind.
10/17/13 9:32pm
Wharton alums have set several world records during my time here. In addition to the Forbes’ net-worth list, our alums also top the list of largest frauds.
10/03/13 10:09pm
I came to Penn aspiring to be just that: an academic, entrepreneur or travel writer. I now find myself in consulting interviews, reciting how my education and internship experience in journalism have prepared me for business strategy.
09/19/13 10:01pm
While I celebrate our entrepreneurial energy as vibrant evidence that the American Dream is alive, profit-driven startups should be balanced by social enterprises guided by the public good.
09/05/13 4:59pm
Every year that I have been at Penn, I have been chilled by the premature deaths in our University community.
12/09/12 7:32pm
Although we fear staying in college for more than four years and falling behind, I invite you to consider taking a gap year and time out for yourself.
11/26/12 1:29am
So here’s a toast to all the people, places, institutions and cultures that have contributed to my metamorphosis over the last four years.
11/12/12 1:22am
Ignorant historians in the future will label us as the hipster generation — whether we like it or not.
10/09/12 1:02am
Penn should embrace its proud democratic tradition that began with Benjamin Franklin.
09/25/12 1:14am
Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee may be badass, but are they beautiful? They can only fight so many battles for Asian masculinity.
09/10/12 10:32pm
Even with Dr. Franklin’s heart and Mr. Huntsman’s wallet, Penn should remember that it cannot not save West Philadelphia on its own.
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