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05/12/11 9:39pm

First graduating class of Civic Scholars looks back on four years

Four years after they were hand–selected from the admitted class of 2011, Penn’s pioneering class of Civic Scholars are preparing themselves for graduation.
04/13/11 2:07am

For some, Penn fosters new religious environment

Adapting to a new way of life is a challenge that most college freshmen face, but for a large number of Penn students, the experience is marked by religion, or lack thereof.
02/25/11 3:54am
Sunday night, a group of students in the middle of their own filmmaking projects will most likely be watching the Academy Awards with a different perspective.
01/25/11 6:16am
Robert Cohen was in the Poconos with his family when he watched his apartment complex, at 48th and Walnut streets, burn down on the news.
12/13/10 3:57am

Wharton profs suggest correlation between wealth, happiness

Two Wharton profs and a first-year Applied Economics Ph.D. candidate argue that “measured subjective well-being grows hand in hand with material living standards.”
12/10/10 3:19am

Wharton revamps MBA curriculum

Last week, Wharton announced an extensive reformation of its MBA curriculum, intended to allow for increased flexibility for students in the core curriculum.
12/06/10 4:12am
Based on various indicators, retail is set to make a comeback, according to several Wharton professors.
12/02/10 3:15am

Wharton trivia contest raises awareness about entrepreneurship

The "Venture A Guess" contest, established three years ago by the Wharton Entrepreneurial Program, offers prizes for answering entrepreneurship-related trivia questions.
12/01/10 3:32am

Women weren't always welcome in Wharton

There is no short supply of women at the Wharton School today, but this was not always the case.
11/23/10 4:27am

Study shows increased hiring, stagnant salaries for MBA grads

Though master's of business administration graduates can celebrate the fact that hiring is up, signing bonuses are down and salaries remain flat.
11/18/10 2:12am

Businessweek ranking contested by Wharton MBA administrators, students

Wharton's third-place ranking on Businessweek's MBA program rankings was marred by disappointing student survey results, with which current Wharton MBA students disagree.
11/17/10 1:15am

Wharton professor studies benefits of negative publicity

There are instances when bad publicity equals good publicity. Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger found this to be the case in a recent study conducted alongside two Stanford University professors.
11/15/10 3:13am

Bloomberg ranks Wharton third among business schools

In a ranking released last week by Bloomberg Businessweek of the best business schools nationwide, the Wharton School came in third.
11/11/10 1:58am

Introverts, extroverts equal in Wharton prof's leadership study

A new study conducted by Wharton professor Adam Grant along with Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School and David Hofmann of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows that introverted leaders can be just as effective as extroverted leaders.
11/08/10 8:52pm
Penn School of Social Policy and Practice part-time professor Joseph McBride died Friday in a bicycle accident. He was 58.
11/04/10 5:11am

Whartonites look to Asia in job hunt

Students are finding alternatives to bleak job prospects in the United States by looking east to the thriving Asian business market.
11/04/10 2:25am

$15M donation establishes Jay H. Baker Retailing Center

Last week the Wharton School’s Jay H. Baker Retailing Initiative was rechristened the Jay H. Baker Retailing Center because of the Bakers' recent contribution.
11/02/10 1:07am
Penn Feminists is the newest women’s rights group on campus. Graduate Nursing student Ellen Hansen, the groups’s founder, hopes to set members of Penn Feminists apart from those of similar organizations on campus in the range of issues they discuss.
10/29/10 12:05am

Google aside, campus career interests defy Businessweek survey trends

Student interests at Penn do not align with the results of a recent Bloomberg Businessweek list naming College Students' Top Employers.
10/26/10 5:30am

OCR offerings up despite economy

After a low point in the 2008-09 school year, more businesses are subscribed for recruiting. And according to Career Services, more employers are hiring this year as well.
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