Articles by Ari Stein

11/29/16 9:27pm
The Philadelphia School District and its largest union just offered Philly teachers a contract deal worth $100 million, according to The Inquirer.
11/17/16 9:16pm
Cornell University is currently facing a lawsuit alleging that Sarah Affel, the University’s Title IX coordinator, failed to investigate a complaint by a student who was involved in a sexual assault.
11/16/16 12:37am
According to the Cornell Chronicle, On Monday Nov. 14 Martha Pollack, provost and executive vice president of academic affairs at University of Michigan, was named Cornell University’s 14th president.
11/01/16 8:00pm
A Penn Engineering student just made the smallest self-powered flying robot, according to The Inquirer.
10/25/16 8:05pm
Shaan Patel, a 27-year-old from Las Vegas, went from being rejected by every Ivy League school to which he applied to successfully running a business with Mark Cuban.
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