Articles by Allison Wu

11/28/18 10:32pm
Acts of anti-Semitism have been spreading across the nation, including to other college campuses and to cities like Philadelphia.
11/06/18 10:45pm
One of the key organizers for the anti-gun violence protest in Washington D.C. is now a College freshman, and he's looking to continue the fight at Penn.  
11/05/18 8:14pm
The first four-day course will take place in March 2019 and will cost participants $6,500.
10/24/18 7:20pm
The study was conducted on 227 pairs of identical twins. The twin subjected to less warmth at home was more likely to exhibit callous-unemotional (CU) traits.
10/22/18 12:45am
Some senior societies have existed for decades, but in recent years, a collection of new societies have been established to recognize contributions within specific cultural and interest groups.  
09/20/18 9:30pm
The first person from his Ghanaian village to attend college, Frimpong leads Cocoa360, which makes education and health treatment more accessible for Ghanaians.  
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