Student Government

03/30/15 4:02am
While candidates for positions throughout the UA argued about the success and implementation of projects, espousing their special connections with various administrators, we — and many others — remain unconvinced that he UA has any significant sway with Penn's administrators.
03/26/15 6:52pm

Guest column by Aidan McConnell and Bill Ding | Your voice, your ideas, every step of the way

Throughout the Undergraduate Assembly campaign, we’ve learned so much from talking with you, learning about your passions and reflecting on the insights that you believe will help Penn become a better place to live and thrive.
03/26/15 6:11am

Guest column by Jane Meyer and Ray Clark | More than school, it's our home

The Penn community has a diverse collection of backgrounds, experiences and interests. As a student body, we are at our best when we collaborate, so that’s why we are planning to improve relationships between Greek life and cultural groups, increase male involvement in sexual assault prevention, and also bring the UA closer to the students to raise the level of transparency in student government.
03/26/15 6:09am
To participate properly, the UA, its members and — most of all — its president need to be representative of the entire undergraduate student body.
09/09/14 4:01pm

IMPACT magazine and UA team up to encourage student-suggested solutions

The Student Solution Sessions will encourage students to come up with solutions to problems at Penn. The Undergraduate Assembly will present the suggestions to the administration.
09/02/14 9:53pm
The Undergraduate Assembly is working to revamp the Penn Transit route to include stops at 30th Street Station and Trader Joe’s.
04/29/14 3:06am

Undergraduate Assembly bans laptops at meetings

The move sparked unexpected controversy among leaders of student government branches.
04/24/14 3:34am

An end in sight for SAC moratorium

Under the Student Activities Councils' plan, the moratorium may partially lift after their first General Body Meeting of the fall semester, which typically falls in October.
04/20/14 11:21pm
Justine Sefcik, a fourth-year doctoral student in the School of Nursing, was elected chair of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly on Wednesday.Sefcik will serve alongside 11 other officers on the executive board of GAPSA, the official student government body for Penn's 12 graduate schools.
04/08/14 1:08am

Undergraduate Assembly elects its remainder of new executive board

The Undergraduate Assembly held internal elections on Sunday afternoon to elect its executive board for the upcoming year.
04/02/14 3:41am
Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is "boring" guy in real life.Or so he says. "When I'm writing is when I get to be exciting," he said.
03/31/14 5:18am
Chilcote won the VP seat while Bittar was also disqualified.
03/31/14 12:51am

Joke Issue: Spring Fling concert moving indoors amid security concerns

Due to security concerns, David Guetta will be performing the Spring Fling concert in Irvine Auditorium. Students who purchased floor tickets after winning them in last week’s lottery will be refunded, and a new lottery will open Tuesday to distribute tickets for seats in Irvine.
03/30/14 11:11pm
After a three-hour trial, the Nominations and Elections Committee is deliberating whether Undergraduate Assembly presidential candidate Gabe Delaney and UA vice presidential candidate Julie Bittar violated election rules — which could result in their disqualification.
03/30/14 9:44pm

Joke Issue: SPEC group spies on students

A secret SPEC committee was tasked last year with collecting and collating information about students’ online lives and habits from numerous sources.
03/21/14 12:03am

SPEC-TRUM spring concert to host three hip hop artists

As SPEC reveals the final details for this year’s Spring Fling, one of the organization’s sub-committees —SPEC-TRUM— is preparing to bring three of hip hop’s rising stars to campus next month.
03/20/14 3:01am
The race for student body president is heating up.
03/19/14 9:55pm

Jazz and Grooves announce spring concert artist

"Digital psychedelic funk" artist Tobacco will headline the concert.
03/18/14 2:54am

UA budget meeting sees unexpected amendment proposal

While no rules were broken, since only UA members can propose amendments, the last-minute proposition marked a deviation from typical budget proceedings and resulted in confusion among UA members and meeting attendees.
03/06/14 6:09am

In wake of impeachment petition, UA presidential hopefuls make preparations

UA Vice President Gabe Delaney and UA Representative Joyce Kim, both college juniors, turned in their petitions to run for UA president today.