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10/12/15 11:59pm
As Penn students, we care a lot about careers. On-campus recruiting seems to be on everyone’s mind as lunch time conversations turn to resume formatting or company culture and dinner plans are cancelled to attend info sessions
12/10/14 3:54am
The Social Planning and Events Committee is utilizing a student survey to gauge Penn students' preferences for Fling performers.
12/09/14 2:54am
At the final UA meeting of the semester, the UA passed a resolution that cancels winter airport shuttles and held internal elections for a member of the budget committee.
11/25/14 2:37am
On Nov. 23, the Undergraduate Assembly announced an update in the Nursing compliance project, with the Nursing representative proposing that administrators reduce the fines that Nursing students must pay if they miss the compliance deadline.
11/23/14 10:20pm
Jose Antonio Vargas, one of the faces of the undocumented immigrant as well as a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, will be SPEC's fall speaker this year.
11/18/14 3:21am
The UA is considering free printing for students.  At the Nov. 16 meeting, the UA discussed the interest level in free printing and reducing the requirements for uncoordinated dual degree programs. Free Printing The UA discussed free printing for College and Nursing students. Wharton freshman and UA representative Jack Cahn has been working on research related to free printing for the past few months. Cahn noticed that Wharton and Engineering students have some money set aside for printing that they can use in Huntsman or Engineering buildings respectively.
11/12/14 12:46am

For new student groups, limited time to meet with SAC

New groups only have eight days remaining to apply for SAC recognition this year.
11/11/14 3:13am

UA updates airport shuttle ticket sales, talks requirements

At their Nov. 9 meeting, the Undergraduate Assembly will be selling airport shuttle tickets online this year.
11/10/14 2:09am
The Nominations and Election Committee is having special elections for a new Undergraduate Assembly representative.
11/05/14 1:24am

New SAC chair announced

In addition to partially lifting the moratorium on new student groups, the Student Activities Council also recently elected a new chair.  The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with recently elected SAC Chair and College junior Renata O'Donnell to discuss her plans for the upcoming year.  Daily Pennsylvanian: What’s something you what to accomplish as SAC chair that you want to have be your legacy? Renata O'Donnell: I think [previous SAC chairs] have done an amazing job.
11/04/14 3:46am

UA urges administration to change course credit policy

At their Nov. 2 meeting, the Undergraduate Assembly passed a resolution that urges the administration not to change the credit value of a course after the first day of classes. They also discussed making syllabi for all classes available on Penn InTouch.
10/24/14 12:47am
The moratorium on new clubs has been lifted for all non-performing arts groups.At the October 23 Student Activities Council general body meeting, an overwhelming majority of the general body voted in favor of partially lifting the moratorium.
10/23/14 2:26am
In the middle of midterm week, Wharton freshman Hannah Stulberg has a few things on her mind: her econ exam, her upcoming status report and the “sudden cancellation” of her loan by Penn’s Loan Office.
10/21/14 2:02am
The classic navy blue sweater with a red “P” is not reserved solely for juniors anymore.
10/21/14 2:02am
The UA announced the first completion of a project this year, went over the administration’s response to their plan for international student integration and discussed improving communication with the student body.
10/19/14 8:57pm
Hernandez will still serve as a College representative.
10/15/14 1:07am
The Undergraduate Assembly announced late last month that it will not lobby for ROTC courses to count toward degree requirements in the College, but the program's leader is not ready to give up the fight.
10/08/14 1:35am

Junior Class Board appoints new members

Three new members were appointed to the junior Class Board to fill positions that became vacant because of former office-holders studying abroad.
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