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04/03/14 2:13am

Penn Libraries soon to open online collections with grants

Penn Libraries announced Wednesday that it has received two grants totalling $530,000 from the NEH to work on systems to index and digitize manuscripts in the library’s collections.
04/02/14 12:31am
The Division of Public Safety kicked off its annual “Share the Road” bicycle safety campaign with an event at the Penn Bookstore yesterday.The campaign is designed to educate members of the Penn community about local laws, traffic violations and best practices pertaining to cyclists riding in Philadelphia streets.
03/30/14 9:44pm

Joke Issue: SPEC group spies on students

A secret SPEC committee was tasked last year with collecting and collating information about students’ online lives and habits from numerous sources.
03/27/14 8:32pm

Three students to run for local ward committees

Three Penn students, two Democrats and one Republican, are running for seats on their respective party’s local ward committees, according to ward committee leaders.
03/20/14 12:25am
Even though 1984 Law School graduate John Hanger withdrew from the Democratic gubernatorial primary last week, he believes that his campaign's message had a lasting impact on the dialogue between the candidates.
03/13/14 4:56pm

Alum withdraws from Pa. governor race

Former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and 1984 Law School graduate John Hanger announced Thursday that he would no longer be pursuing the Democratic Party’s nomination for governor.
03/03/14 8:52pm
Only four of 20 seats on the Democratic ward committee - a political group which represents the party on a local level - near Penn are currently filled, and none of them are held by Penn students or faculty.
02/18/14 6:11am

A different perception of pressure

Penn students currently face heavy workloads and carry many extracurricular responsibilities that cause excessive stress.
02/12/14 1:43am

Philadelphia Police headquarters may move to West Phila.

The proposed plan would place the headquarters at 46th and Market streets.
02/12/14 12:33am
Two Penn alumni have raised over $1 million each in Pennsylvania's Democratic gubernatorial primary election.
02/09/14 10:10pm

Penn Ukrainians see unity emerging from protests

The DP has reached out to several Ukrainian student and faculty members in order to listen to their thoughts on the crisis currently affecting their homeland.
01/29/14 1:44am
With over $600,000 spent on lobbying in 2013, Penn lobbies more any other school in the Ivy League.
01/26/14 8:11pm
A Wharton graduate and Operation Desert Storm veteran says he’s running for Congress.
01/22/14 11:35pm
The Presidential Commission on Election Administration suggests measures to streamline voting processes and increase election efficiency.
01/20/14 9:02pm

Law requiring photo ID to vote has been overturned

Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley issued a permanent injunction Friday that bars the enforcement of a law requiring Pennsylvania residents to produce photo identification in order to vote.
01/15/14 11:00pm
College junior Anthony Cruz shares his plans as the new president of the Penn College Republicans and talks about his past work experiences with politicians from both major parties.
01/14/14 11:25pm

Formerly homeless Penn law student seeks public office

Dafan Zhang, an immigrant from China, went from being homeless to running for public office as a state representative for Delaware County.
12/09/13 12:50am
Wharton junior Amiyr Jackson was elected president of Penn Democrats on Dec. 4. The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with the new Penn Dems president to discuss his goals for the coming year.
11/25/13 1:15am
John Inglis dispelled misconceptions about the NSA and the impact of the media on characterizing the agency.
11/13/13 3:56am

In case you missed it: Phila. District Attorney Seth Williams

Seth WIlliams drew a correllation between a lack of high school education and the likelihood of being arrested.
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