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05/15/15 3:08am
I like to frame articles by describing images that represent overarching themes of the story. When I think of The Daily Pennsylvanian, I see a certain editor tap dancing down the hall with a Hey Day cane, after we finally got a key source on the record for a student government story — None of us knew he could do that. I remember shivering in an alley in Old City with a group of protestors who were dead set on ending mountain top removal. Or maybe the image I remember most is of a dining hall worker, brow furrowed, spreading a stack of healthcare bills across his dining room table, while he told us he did not make enough to support his ailing wife.
10/23/14 2:20am
Canadian alumni and students reacted with shock after an armed gunman stormed the Canada’s Main Parliament Building and the National War Memorial, killing an honor guard and shutting down the nation’s capital.
09/10/14 9:35am

Pennsylvania Secretary of Policy and Planning has a recipe for improving public schools

Donna Cooper may be best known on campus for calling for Penn to pay 1.8 million to the City of Philadelphia as part of a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes
09/07/14 9:24pm
Then-Wharton and College junior Vladimir Bernstein protested the 1991 Soviet coup that would have brought a return to hardline communism.
05/28/14 11:50pm

Remembering Maya Angelou on Twitter

Penn professors, students and alumni remembered the poet and civil rights activist on Twitter Today
04/28/14 11:06pm

Undergraduate Assembly bans laptops at meetings

The move sparked unexpected controversy among leaders of student government branches.
04/15/14 8:42pm

This week in Penn history: Work study student goes undercover for a drug bust

The April 13 copy of the Daily Pennsylvanian reported the incident.
03/31/14 1:18am
Chilcote won the VP seat while Bittar was also disqualified.
03/30/14 7:11pm
After a three-hour trial, the Nominations and Elections Committee is deliberating whether Undergraduate Assembly presidential candidate Gabe Delaney and UA vice presidential candidate Julie Bittar violated election rules — which could result in their disqualification.
03/26/14 12:41pm

BREAKING: Admissions numbers released

The class of 2018 is the most competitive class in Penn's history.
03/06/14 1:09am

In wake of impeachment petition, UA presidential hopefuls make preparations

UA Vice President Gabe Delaney and UA Representative Joyce Kim, both college juniors, turned in their petitions to run for UA president today.
03/05/14 12:13am
Sunday’s closed executive meeting of the Undergraduate Assembly contributed to a postponement of the annual budget process, leaving other branches of student government without an official budget allocation until March 23.
03/04/14 1:59am

UA postpones budget after petition to impeach president

The petition to impeach the UA president fell short by one vote, sources say
02/12/14 8:54pm
Essential University staff and all Health System physicians and staff are required to report to work
02/12/14 6:55pm

Events canceled due to impending snowstorm

On-campus interviews, a Year of Sound event and a Kelly Writers House event have all been canceled or postponed due to impending snow.
02/06/14 10:20pm
Biden showed strong support for the new Amtrak locomotive as the engine of technological, environmental and economical progress.
01/23/14 12:15am
OCR sessions are also among the events that will be rescheduled due to the University’s two-day snow hiatus.
01/22/14 1:23pm
Some campus facilities have abridged hours.
01/18/14 2:27pm
Two Penn events, sorority recruitment and a track and field meet, have been modified in response to the death of College freshman Madison Holleran, who died Friday night.
01/18/14 3:01am

College freshman died Friday night

Madison Holleran died Friday night in Center City, according to an email sent to Hill College House residents early Saturday morning.
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