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Credit: Joy Lee

Seven women have come forward saying they were drugged at the Dolphin Tavern, but Penn students who visit the popular nightclub aren't fazed. 

According to Philadelphia Magazine, the women had similar stories — they ordered a drink, stepped away and later blacked out. Some of the women woke up in different parts of South Philadelphia and weren’t sure whether or not they were sexually assaulted.

None of the women went to the police. One woman said she didn’t want to ruin the bar’s reputation because she liked it.

The accusations have all happened within the past three months, the most recent on March 4.

Penn students are often at the bar, located on 1539 South Broad Street in downtown Philadelphia.

College junior Lindsey Chambers said she has been to the Dolphin Tavern five times, most recently this past Saturday, March 25.

“It’s pretty chill usually unless you go on one of the nights with the Holy Trinity dance parties, then it’s pretty packed,” Chambers said. “There’s usually more Penn students at [Holy Trinity parties].”

These Holy Trinity parties, where the bar only plays music by Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj or Rihanna, happen about once a month and often have Penn students in attendance.

“Dolphin is very different on Holy Trinity nights,” College sophomore Andreas Pavlou said. “Everyone is very young, queer as well and it’s super full.”

Many students were surprised to hear that any drugging happened at the bar.

“It was fun and didn’t feel unsafe,” College junior Catherine Said said. “Surprised to hear this.”

Another student who has gone to the Dolphin Tavern five times since last April, and most recently at the end of February, said he was planning on going again soon.

“I really like Dolphin’s grungy vibes and it’s a super accepting environment, so the drugging surprises me,” said a College and Wharton student, who wished to remain anonymous because he is not 21 years old. “Every time I’ve gone, it has been with other Penn students.”

Chambers also said she plans on still going to the bar.

“I’ve already been back since I heard what was happening and to me it didn’t seem like it’d be an issue because I usually go with friends,” Chambers said. “I wouldn’t be worried about it if you’re going with friends and you stay together and take normal precautions. That can happen anywhere, you should always just be wary.”

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