Credit: Julio Sosa

Penn's campus is reeling after several freshman students of color received racist GroupMe messages Friday — but similarly racially charged incidents have been happening on other campuses, according to The New York Times.

Students at Texas State University awoke to flyers depicting men in camouflage, wielding guns and American flags in men’s bathrooms. 

“Now that our man Trump is elected, time to organize tar and feather vigilante squads and go arrest and torture those deviant university leaders spouting off that diversity garbage," they read. 

At San Jose University in California, a Muslim woman claimed to have been choked with her own hijab. Investigations are underway. 

At Wellesley College, Hillary Clinton’s alma mater, two Babson University students drove around campus in a pickup truck adorned with Trump memorabilia, parked outside a house for black students and spat at a black female student. The incident was documented in social media

Similar incidents were reported in high schools and middle schools around the country. 

At York County School of Technology, students carrying a Trump flag walked through the halls yelling “white power," and students at Royal Oak Middle School in Michigan chanted “build that wall” for several minutes during lunch break. 

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