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11/14/16 1:22am
Students at Texas State University awoke to fliers depicting men in camouflage, wielding guns and an American flags in men’s bathrooms.
11/07/16 1:49am
The goal of "Deconstructing the Penn Face" brought together seven student leaders to discuss the role of mental health care in their lives and in the student community.
11/02/16 11:56pm
iAspire is a platform that matches students looking for an advantage in their career search with students and recent graduates who already have a foot in the industry.
11/24/14 3:47am
Wahoo's Fish Taco has recently opened their first east coast location on 31st and Chestnut streets. The eatery specializes in burritos, enchiladas and of course, tacos, including a new salsa made from four different types of chiles. Locally sourced items range from 3 to 10 dollars, and the restaurant is stocked with a full bar. 
11/11/14 12:29am
¨I encourage everyone to become involved in the political process. I just remind Republicans that voting day is always on Wednesday,¨ Democrat assemblyman Raj Mukherji said at an on-campus event Monday.
10/06/14 1:32am

Ethicist presents philosophy of his legal religion

Yesterday, the Penn Secular Society hosted Hugh Taft, a leader in the ethical humanist movement, who spoke the reason, feeling, theory and praxis behind his legal religion. The philosopher broke the ice with Plato, before arriving to the materialism of capitalism, the great prompter of the 140 year old movement.
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