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Undergraduate Assembly member Dan Singer recalls standing in the freezing rain proclaiming "vote for Dan Singer or rot in the bowels of hell," to win votes for his freshman election campaign three years ago. And UA Chairperson Duchess Harris said that she jokingly offered $1 bribes to convince students to vote for her when she first ran in 1987. Freshmen candidates for UA spots have traditionally relied on colorful or risque campaign tactics. But as freshmen gear up for UA elections this Monday and Tuesday, they may or may not want to follow their leaders. Although tradition would indicate otherwise, Harris said this year's elections will be more serious than in past years and that to be elected, candidates need a strong agenda and platforms, not gimmicks. "This is not a poster campaign and we're not expecting people to hang bedsheets and be elected," she said. Several freshman candidates said last night that they plan to run business-like campaigns in which they will propose concrete ideas for student government. But other candidates said they will use well-known movie titles and catchy phrases to influence voters. One promised to represent the class "most triumphantly," drawing from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Nominations and Elections Chairperson Raffi Balian said last night that approximately 31 candidates will be on this year's ballot. Balian said he is "ecstatic" with the turnout. But the number of candidates this year is the lowest since 1986. Last year, 44 freshmen ran for the UA, in 1988 there were 39 candidates, and in 1987 there were 52. This year's election will be the first in which freshman candidates are placed on the ballot in random order. Before, candidates were placed on the ballot according to the order in which they turned in their applications. The first candidates listed on the ballot tended to garner more votes, and before the random ordering system, candidates raced against one another to get the top spots. Students will have the opportunity to question candidates at an open forum Sunday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Houston Hall. Freshmen will be able to vote at dining halls and other locations across campus Monday and Tuesday. Wharton students will also be able to vote Monday on a Wharton representative to the UA to fill an empty slot.

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